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IronRidge Roof Mounts

IronRidge Roof Mounts

IronRidge solar roof mount systems work for virtually any commercial or residential roof installation, regardless of surface material or roof grade. See our video with IronRidge as we discuss their 3 different roof mount options - the XR10, XR100, XR1000. The XR10 is a low profile mounting rail - for light to no snow loads, up to 30 PSF - perfect for warmer climate installs. The XR100 is the most common of the residential solar mounting rails - for heavier load capability, up to 70 PSF. Then the workhorse of the group is the XR1000- a heavyweight mounting rail for commercial projects, for extreme load capability, up to 90 PSF. The XR1000 is also the rail you would choose for ground-mount arrays. Additionally, you can get an idea of what you need by clicking here to use the Ironridge Design Assistant Tool.

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