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    James, Brooklin, MA says:

    I am new to actually using and setting up Alt Energy, and you guys made it accessible, affordable and offered suggestions and guidance every step of the way. To put into perspective how important this is here is a little story. I work in magazine publishing and have been using Adobe Photoshop for more than 15 years and have bought several copies of every version from v1 upto the current v8. I am quite knowledgeable in computers and programs, but was having a problem. I called Adobe, explained my situation, and told them I only had one question. The were quite rude and would not go any further unless I gave the $39.99 per incident. This is a good snapshot of customer service in America today. You guys are the exception. Keep up the good work Alt Energy's day has come and you guys are the King. Thank you very much!


  • Engineering the Right Solution

    This electrical engineer enjoyed researching his solar project on his own and then working with altE to decide on the best solution.

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