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Solar Panel Efficiency

Does anybody know exactly what the ratio is for the measurement of Panel Efficiency? I understand that it is a %, some sources c...
Angelo Fall 3

Help!!!! Wire crimping or soldering?

OK....I'm starting to wire the DC box BUT...the Outback breakers have nuts on them and it looks like I"ll either have ...
Ann Byers 10

Connector Confusion Don't want to mix up polarity

I'm confused. I am wiring two panels in series. I have the panels connected together however I understand I need to wire th...
Ann Byers 5

Showing voltage over disconnect breaker when off?

Shouldn't I be showing an "open" when measuring the voltage when the disconnect breaker is off?    I h...
Ann Byers 10

circuit protection of small solar system

I have a solar panel, MorningStar regulator, battery, and inverter in order to run a cash register and scale. Where do I need to...
ann greig 3

Solar in Iraq

I'm looking for a portable charger set up to charge my mobile and GPS unit ... perhaps even camera batteries ... and is it ...
Anna Bachmann 3

Solar powered Low voltage lighting.

I live in south florida and I am interested in setting up solar accent outdoor lighting at my house. I will have a total of 1,00...
Anthony Tatakis 4

Need Help

Hello, My father and i own a nursery in nassau bahamas. We are expanding our plant propogation facilities and have just boug...
Anthony Thompson 1

Air x land

Hello, I'm from Portugal and i have a Air x land. I'd like to know if it is normal he work's when the baterys are...
Antonio Nunes 0

Dump Load units

I am just about finished with a proto type dump load I made using peltier thermocouple devices. These little items are ust what ...
Arcandspark 1

Capacitor across DC input of inverter ???

I saw a picture of an inverter for sale on e-bay. There was a large capacitor installed that was wired across the plu and minus ...
Arcandspark 0

Dump load for wind generator

I am just about finished with a proto type dump load I made using peltier thermocouple devices. These little items are just what...
Arcandspark 0

Geothermal HVAC

We plan on installing Geothermal HVAC system in new house being built off grid. These units are so efficient that where a 3 ton ...
Arcandspark 2

Flat Plate Solar Hot Water using motor oil ???

I am planning on installing a solar hot water system. I want to use oil or some other liquid to runthrough the collector on the ...
Arcandspark 2

Which pump works best ???

A friend wants to install a 600 foot deep well and use an AC or DC submerged pump. I have not installed this type of pump and ha...
Arcandspark 0

Pump size ???

My friend is building a 2000 sq ft home off grid. I had installed the alternative energy system he is currently using to provide...
Arcandspark 0

Heat recovery for Gas DHW heater...

I am building a waste heat recovery system that will use the hot waste exhaust gases (about 350 to 500 degrees) to preheat the i...
Arcandspark 0

Heat Recovery for DHW Heaters...

An immediate benefit to owners of all-electric homes is GFX's power-boost; enough to triple the shower-capacity of tank-type wat...
Arcandspark 0

Thin Film versus multi celled modules for a grid tie system?

I’m interested in developing a grid tie system around 3Kw. From a $ per watt perspective the Kaneka 60 60W Thinfilm Solar Pane...
Arnold K 0

mounting solar panels without roof penetrations

hii want to mount solar panels on rooftop of my house but dont want to penetrate the roof structure in any way..i was reading ab...
arshia mehta 1

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