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Help with Solar Air Heaters

I work at a ReStore; we get donated building materials and resell them cheaply.  We recently got three Solar Air Heating Pa...
Staysee Bogan 0

BZ MPPT500 reaches float state at 13.3VDC

My BZ MPPT500 comes to float state as soon as the battery bank reaches 13.3VDC, and the led turns red. I tried to adjust the...
Lesly Dumont 0

induction motor

Can I use any induction motor to buit a wind generator?
Victor 0

Reflective Sheet Steel

What would it take to coat sheet steel with a silvered surface?  I have a variety of solar reflector that I would make out ...
Paul Klinkman 0


Im using an 130W solar panel for lighting and BZ240 as achrger .It is clear from the circit of BZ240 that it is use a FET(IR...
Wahhab Razaaq 0

Using 2 panels with different voltage(open circuit) connect to same controller?

Hi, Apologize if this question has been asked before but I have a super slow and unreliable dial-up connection from a south ...
Jack Chow 0

"Off Grid" refrigeration

Recently I purchased an EZ-Freeze 19 cubic foot refeigerator/freezer. Here is some of the math that led to our decision.Danby - ...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

Install solar panels

I have 3 panels 64 watt ea, 2 unisolar & 1 solarex. 12 volt system. how do I wire panels to J-box located about 20" from first p...
Bill Palmer 0

Voltage tolerance for various network switches, cable modems, etc.

I have a small off grid solar setup.  Evergreen 47W panel, through a 4.5A SunGuard charge controller connected to a 12V dee...
Jonathan Hunt 0

Newbie: Houseboat solar system suggestions

INFO: I am a part-owner of a house boat in northern Arizona. The boat sits in a slip about 1 day per week, connected to AC s...
Dan Baker 0

submersible water turbines

has anybody heard of a water turbine that is shaped like a culvert with the font end bigger than the exit end,and where you can ...
Barry Miles 0

Alaska weather & Unisolar amorphous solar panels

Anybody from Alaska have experience with these panels? The manufacturer's claims of greater efficiency with a broader l...
Roger Martinez 0

Skystream and Outback

Skystream's documentation makes it appear that it can be configured to work with an Outback to charge batteries and sell to...
Jeff G 0

Question about fronious inverter

I was thinking of a model IG 2000 inverter for 1 string of 12 sharp ND-167U3A solar panels I have. In the dc imput data for the ...
Victor Snodgrass 0

Solar energy

I have been asked to draw up a plan for a farm on Savanna land in tropical Africa. The land is extensive and I even wonder about...
Peter Gardiner 0

Wind Power and Electric Questions

I know the faster a wind turbine spins, the more electricity it can create, but is there a certain speed that a wind turbine sho...
Jason Sheridan 0

Small Battery Charging

Hello! Is there a way to charge my smaller batteries directly from my panels? Just to name a few, I have a cordless drill batter...
Sean Sullivan 0

Thin Film versus multi celled modules for a grid tie system?

I’m interested in developing a grid tie system around 3Kw. From a $ per watt perspective the Kaneka 60 60W Thinfilm Solar Pane...
Arnold K 0

air conditioning in tx

I am trying to figure out the best way to go about cooling my home. I live in north tx. My current thought was to get a small wi...
rick davis 0

Need Manual for Pulse PM60 Controller

I have not been able to find one on the web.  Can anyone help?
kscotay 0

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