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effects of shading on solar panels

I've heard there are panels that shut down when partically shaded and panels that remain active when partically shaded.  Ex...
bill 6

Solar tube lights

How much HEAT comes down the tube along with the light? In addition to venting the room, does an exhaust fan kit help pull some ...
Bill Burgin 0

Design Recommendations - Remote Garden Shed

Hi folks,                 I am planning to locate at 9x12 shed / Garden Office on my property. The bulding ...
Bill M 3

Install solar panels

I have 3 panels 64 watt ea, 2 unisolar & 1 solarex. 12 volt system. how do I wire panels to J-box located about 20" from first p...
Bill Palmer 0

Tool Shed Application

I am looking to create a small off-grid system to provide for some lights and use an occasional power tool in my tool shed. ...
Bill Todd 2

trimetric meter.

  I have a bogart 2025 rv trimetric meter on my battery bank. I called and spoke to them about it and have it hooked up rig...
Billy Honaker 1

Solar Battery Charging of Security System

I just ordered 3 Linksys WVC 200 PTZ cameras and 3 IR illuminators.  I want to place them outside in a sealed box around my...
Bishop Davis 1

stuck with 12V airx with 24V battery

I was sent 3 airx 12V wind turbines when i ordered 3 x 24V, shipping to New Zealand makes returning them a costly thing, I was t...
Block Block 1


I am wondering if anybody could give me the dimensions of the housing for the stream engine. Just a general measurement in eithe...
Bo Lollar 0

question about switch panel and fuses

Hi there, I am putting together a small 12V electrical system in my cabin. I am looking for advice on how to properly w...
Bob Christensen 7

Concentrating Regular PV's

I'd expect this has come up before, but is there some info available on how much extra sunlight you can pump onto any of th...
Bob Fiske 8

Unisolar Module or is there better?

We have a 33ft sailboat, with a sm. refrig drawing approx. 24watts, and other minimal draws (led lites, and very little other st...
Bob Pullen 8

What's the typical voltage on a fully charged battery?

I have four 12V deep cycle battery batteries hooked in parallel in our small solar system.  I'd like to know what the typic...
Bone Scavenger 7


I'm sure someone has thought of this already, but is there any way for an alternator (like the ones found in most cars) to be po...
Brad Carter 3

info needed for very small stand alone system

I am wanting to have a bank of 4 12v 35ah batteries that I will charge about once a week.  I'm in LA area and according to...
Brad Wilson 1

Roof mounted wind turbines

Hello everyone - Does anyone have experience with roof mounted wind turbines that they would like to share? I'm c...
Bramley Munz 0

Wind Turbines on RVs

Hello again everyone - Another issue I'm curious about is installations on RVs. Since roof mount installations ca...
Bramley Munz 1

Powering devices on a sailboat

Hello all, I'm starting to do some research about adding solar and/or wind power generators to my sailboat.  Tryi...
Bran Erdelyi 1

modified sine wave and backup power supplies for computers

Hello.I have recently bought a solar-powered cabin with an inverter that produces a modified sine wave (MSW) alternating current...
Brendan Woollard 1


hi,i was interested in information for water pumps...I was interested in installing a mini working waterwheel in a fountain situ...
Bret Burroughs 1

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