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Codes in MA about doing home brew hot water on the roof???

I have seen a considerable amount of discussion on some sites that I consider reputable, on how to home-build solar hot-water pa...
Arthur T 2

40hp submersible pump design problem

hi everybody I am newbie about solar my pump specifications are voltage=220/380(L-G/L-L voltage i mean three phase ), amper=...
Aslan Aslan 7

Solar Attic Fan - can I charge a battery with it?

I have a solar powered attic ventilator fan. Since I live in Arizona I figure I can unplug it for several months in the winter. ...
BarrioBob Berrara 3

One Circuit solar/wind

My brother tells me I can buy a solar/wind generator and just plug it in to a circuit in my house like you would plug in any app...
BarrioBob Berrara 4

solar lawn lighting

I've been thinking about taking my solar yard lights inside after dark and using them for evening lighting. They are the ki...
BarrioBob Berrara 3


Okay, so I want to go solar, I live in the desert.  AND I AM SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING FOR THE UTILITIES/GOV TO DO ANY...
BarrioBob Berrara 3

submersible water turbines

has anybody heard of a water turbine that is shaped like a culvert with the font end bigger than the exit end,and where you can ...
Barry Miles 0

outback charge controller- alternatives?

Hi newbee here. I have a selection of 12v and 24v panels totaling aprox max current of 25 amps. Is there another charge controll...
Bates Abbott 6

Auxiliary Relays

I want to take advantage of the auxiliary relays on my xantrex 4048 inverter. My understanding is the relays can be set based on...
Ben Duggan 4

New to alt. energy, looking for advice.

As gas prices have soared recently, i have realized that I want to change my energy habits. I live with my parents near...
Ben Oven 4

repairing solar panels

I have 5 Sanyo 180 watt, 24 volt panels.  I recently noticed a change in time to fully charge my batteries.  While che...
Ben Roberts 3

how to set up a battery based PV system with GRID BACKUP

Yes, you read that right. I live in Hawaii, where the utility rates are .$.40-$.50/kWh. I want to design a system that relies on...
Benjamin S 7

Inverter to Subpanel wiring – hot/hot

Should an inverter feeding a lone subpanel feed both sides of the buss (as 220 would) then go though 2 breakers to the 110 outle...
Bently Harris 6

Verify AH on Flooded Bateries?

Does anyone know the best way to physically verify the AH capacity of flooded batteries? This would be nice to check if...
Bently Harris 3

One diversion controller for Wind and Solar

I have heard conflicting statements from a number of sources. I have yet to get a clear answer, just personal preferences with n...
Bently Harris 2

blade dimensions for a wincharger 1222

Hello, I have an old 12V/200W Wincharger (1222 model) with 2 blades made out of one piece of wood (diameter being 72&qu...
Bert Van Hoye 8

solar power for aviary

Am planning to build an aviary which will require occasional heating by season (I live in So. California) plus a small fan plus ...
Bert Wouters 2

Inverter sparking

For more than a year my house ran on solar power without any problem. I recently connected to the public electric grid. The syst...
Beverly Clarke 2

Hybrid wind & PV battery connection?

I plan to connect 3 PVs through a MPPT controller to the battery bank. And also connect an Air Industrial via its C40 ...
Bhikkhu Samahita 2

need help Will this work

Hi all.. a NEWBE here at AltE. I'm gathering  hardware required for a solar project for my RV. Looking for advice ...
big D Seymour 0

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