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Adding solar panels to a concrete tile roof

Our home in the San Francisco bay area has a concrete tile roof. I would not expect the structure of the roof framing to be buil...
George Shaw 3

Adding wind power to a solar system

Hello, I'm thinking of adding a small wind turbine to an existing solar system (off grid with a battery bank).&nbs...
Stephen Hagerman 3

Adding wind turbine to off grid solar system

Hi everyone, I'm new here, but have a question.  I have a 48V off grid solar system with a 10KW generator as a back up...
Ralph Robertson 1

Advertised ratings of PV modules

Or in this case ratings not advertised or even published at all.Can anyone give me the specs. on the Evergreen EC-94 PV module?I...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

AGM Batteries - Do They Vent?

Do AGM Batteries vent? I'm mostly worried about the fact that I am going to have 4 105ah batteries within a few fe...
Keith Birchfield 6

AGM batteries - Life Expectancy

Ok, everytime I ask how long batteries should last, I get the "it depends" answer So here's a hypotheti...
Patrick Guenette 12

AGM batteries and equalization charge?

I'm setting up a system with Haze AGM batteries and an Ampair mini hydro (UW100).  Unfortunately the only charge contr...
Matthew E 1

Air 403 to Air Breeze

Hi Is it possible to upgrade my Air 403 to Air Breeze?
Torbjorn Saether 0

Air Breeze performance

Hello, I would like to know if 'Air Breeze 24 volt' is good in my location. Details as follows; Latitude 9.019...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 2

Air breeze wind gen.

I have an air breeze(200w) marine gen. to charge my 4-6v batteries but for some reason the air breeze is not charging the ba...
William Potts 3

air conditioning in tx

I am trying to figure out the best way to go about cooling my home. I live in north tx. My current thought was to get a small wi...
rick davis 0

air conditioning systems whit solar panels

I`m looking information for mini-split or conditioning systems working whit solar panels and the dealer near California or Arizo...
Frank Gambale 0

Air X

Anyone has got positive/negative experiences to share reharding the Air-X marine wind generator?RegardsBrian
Brian Ellul 0

Air x land

Hello, I'm from Portugal and i have a Air x land. I'd like to know if it is normal he work's when the baterys are...
Antonio Nunes 0

air-x amps

What is the amp output for the Air-x, 12 volt at minimum and max wind speed? Thanks
Norman Toevs 0

Air-X Bad Experience

I have metered two Air-X turbines and could not get more that 1 amp out of steady 15-20 mph winds, and peak brief (1/2 second) a...
John Wiman 6

Air403/P.V. Hybrid

First, kudos to the Alt-E Store for both great pricing and timely deliveries.  Now, for my question.....I am installing bot...
Prospector 1

Alaska weather & Unisolar amorphous solar panels

Anybody from Alaska have experience with these panels? The manufacturer's claims of greater efficiency with a broader l...
Roger Martinez 0

Alt-E Vision Vol. 1 No. 5 - "TROUBLESHOOTING A PV ARRAY "

Alt-E Vision 3

altE -- Thanks!

"Most people are like the fallen leaf that drifts and turns in the air, flutter and falls to the ground But few ot...
Karen E 1

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