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36V soalr panels, charge controller with 12V out?

I have 3 USED and broken 36V panels in parallel that still output 2-5A total power that I got free.  Most of my internal sy...

PV powered circulator pump for AET solar hot water system undersized PV panel

Any folks have experience with the March pumps supplied with the AET hot water system kits? My system was supplied with a 12 vol...

Low output problem from solar panels

I hope someone can help me figure this one out! I have two Siemens SM55 panels mounted in parallel with a Morningstar ProStar co...

Grid Tie Inverter fooled by Inverter based generator?

Pure curiosity, Non battery backup grid tie inverters by design are supposed to shut down when the grid goes down. The trigger a...

solar hot water pumps

The Rheem 80 gal hot water tanks with heat exchanger seems to be popular for solar applications.  However, I noticed somewh...

Trace PS2512

Ok this is an odd question but Ill ask anyways. I have an old Trace PS2512 inverter that recently took a lightning spike and...
Aaron Scholten 0

Three phase Solar Power for commercial use

Hey everyone, I'm currently designing a three phase solar power system for commercial use. I've pretty much d...
Adam Cu 8

Using two separate inverters in parallel to make 240 vac.

Is this possible with two 120v exeltech units?
Adam McLaren 2

Pump System

I am new at this so lots of help is needed. We are building a remote bush camp along one of the major rivers (Zambezi) ...
Adriaan van Niekerk 2

Q: PL-PLT "Plastic Pelton Wheel "

Hello, We need information about the maximum r.p.m and the maximum power that can be supplied by the Plastic Pelton Wheel &q...
Ahmad Zbeeb 0

Global Sun Oven Smell

I love my solar oven.  I bought it in March and have been using it frequently throughout the summer.  My only problem ...
Aine Ni Cheallaigh 1

Components needed for a drip irrigation system

I have 200 pecan trees on a drip irrgation system currently powered with gas pumps.  The water comes from a river about 30&...
Al Green 1

Leave Batteries connected or disconnect when not in use?

I have a 12 volt solar system on a second home that is in use 4 months of the year (Dec. thru April). Is it best to disconnect t...
Al Jolley 1

Sump Pump powered by Solar system

Hi, I am really interested in setting up my sump pump on a solar energy system. I know absolutely nothing about kw/ac/dc/convert...
Al West 1

Maximum discharge rates of AGMs

Hi everyone, This is my first post here.  I just picked up 24 5W solar modules (.35A x 15V) at about $3.33/watt. I...
Alan Dennis 5

Do I need a 12v or 24v charge controller?

I've decided to resell the 5-watt panels I bought earlier and now I'm ordering 16 x 15-watt amorphous solar panels &nb...
Alan Dennis 0

Battery box from a Coleman ice chest?

I'm thinking of making a battery box for 300AH of 12V AGM batteries from a wheeled Coleman 50 quart ice chest (the kind tha...
Alan Dennis 2

Lithium a better performance per $ than lead?

Let met start by saying that I built my own off-grid 400 watt solar PV system with 6 of 100AH @ 12V lead acid batteries.  M...
Alan Dennis 7

Hybrid System

HiI would like to know which of the charge controllers will support a hybrid system (Solar Wind Turbine) RegardsALex
Alejandro Gonzalez 1

Best way to wire pannels

I have 4 BP 3115 panels to use on a 24 volt inverter would it be better to wire 2 in series and then parallel them so that I hav...
Alex Bruni 1

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