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Use swimming pool water to generate electricity

Is there any way I can use the flow of water from my swimming pool pump to generate electicity?  Possibly I could install a...
Bret Rogers 2

Help with the plan for my electric system on my boat

Hello, I'm customizing my boat and one of the main things I"m doing is installing a new 24V electrical system...
Brett Williams 6

Solar Panel Prices going up!

HiWhy are solar panels prices going up? I've read that it's due to raw material shortages!! I was expecting solar panels to beco...
Brian Ellul 8

Varistors or Surge Arrestors

HiWhat's the difference between Varistors and Surge Arrestors? It seems that both suppress high voltage spikes! Are both siutabl...
Brian Ellul 1

MPPT circuits

Hi  Where can I find a circuit of a 15amp MPPT controller?RegardsBrian
Brian Ellul 1

Calculating KWH

HiHow is the total average KWH for a day from solar panels calculated?I'm assuming... total panels power (4 x 80W) = 320W x no o...
Brian Ellul 7

Exeltech XP1100

HiI'm interested in purchasing the Exeltech XP1100 24v DC 230v AC inverter. Anyone has some experience to share before committin...
Brian Ellul 0

Air X

Anyone has got positive/negative experiences to share reharding the Air-X marine wind generator?RegardsBrian
Brian Ellul 0

newbie, battery sizing question

I've been reading the Photovoltaics-Design and Installation Manual to learn more about solar power.  One thing I don&#...
Brian P 3

newbie, example first system review

I'm looking at the cost of creating a solar system to providing light for a small barn.  I've done the calculations g...
Brian P 9

basic inverter wiring question

I've been looking more closely at some of the inverters available and how to go about wiring a system.  I've noti...
Brian P 5

small light and battery charge controller (SORLSR-6-5L) but FOR WIND??

I'm interested in using this device to charge agm or lead acid batteries from a small wind application.  Can the contr...
Brian Segers 2

Small wind installer near central Maine

Hi All, I'm looking to expand my PV system to a hybrid PV/wind system. I've purchased a an Air X wind turbine,...
Brian Shaban 3

outback mx-60

I am thinking of replacing my Solar Boost 50 with an Outback MX 60 so I can run 48v from my panels to my 12v bank rather then 24...
Brock Neverman 1

Xantrex C-series charge controllers - CM panel

I was wondering if anyone knows whether (in Diversion Load mode) the readings on the CM display - Amps, Watts and cumulative Amp...
Bruce Boatner 4

Failing PV panels

I found this issue on another site...wondering if anyone has some advice or insight about this issue: "In 2003 I h...
Bruce Friedman 4


What is the primary difference between the Unirac Sunframe and SolarMount racking systems.  Why use one over the other. ...
Bruce Friedman 1

Solar DHW

Looking for input on solar flat plate vs evacuated tube collectors in New England...any info appreciated with regard to efficien...
Bruce Friedman 2

Voltage Controlled Switch & TC-2 Temp. Sensor.

I am putting together a 24 VDC system and have a 24v Temp. Controller that has a TC-2 Temp. Sensor connected to it. Where does t...
Bruce Smith 2

3 way switch

I have a 3 way light for my stairs. The power comes in at the switch. The light is in-between the 2 switches. I have followed th...
Bruce Smith 7

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