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Active wifi repeater with solar cell

Hello,Im new to the solar system.I need to setup an active repeater for my wireless lan. My access point uses 5V @ 1 AMP. The un...
Alexander Johansen 1

Wind, Solar, Propane Generator Combo

Hello All I am new at renewable energy and have many questions.  My Wife and I are in the process of building a home....
Alfred McCall 2

Wind turbine and Batteries

Hello Again. the wind turbine I am considering can be purchased either as a 24v or 48v, what do you think is a better w...
Alfred McCall 1

backup generator.

Hello I am building a home and plan on being off grid.  My system will consist of wind turbine, with a battery ba...
Alfred McCall 5

backup generator hookup

Hello All I am putting in my off grid system, it will be a 3kw wind turbine with a 3 kw solar system, set up to a battery ba...
Alfred McCall 1

Multiple MPPT loads for PV panel -- bad idea?

Hi all, I am designing a solar heating system for a hot tub and I am contemplating using a 135W PV panel with two ...
Alice Reinheimer 4

Diversion mode, Blocking diodes, 600 watt heating element

Have 2 Krocera 130 watts running threw a Xantrex C-35. It is set for charge control mode. It is a 24 volt system. Run a solar ho...
Allen B 2

How many watts ?

Have 2 Kyrocea 130 watt 12 volt wired for 24 volt=260 watts. Hooked up to a Xantrex 35. Want to add a 24 volt 170 watt Sharp pan...
Allen B 1

Alt-E Vision Vol. 1 No. 5 - "TROUBLESHOOTING A PV ARRAY "

Alt-E Vision 3


hi dears; i want to select a motor for a blower.i don't know what kind of motors must be selected and what characterist...
Amin Abbasi 1

getting started need help

I am just starting my research on going off the grid, I want a wind turbine, but not sure how big to go. If I use around 2797 KW...
Amy Quinn 3

Windmill with rotating sails

Windmill with rotating sails is a new type of windmill. It has a vertical axle around which three sails spin around.
AmyJoseph AmyJoseph 1

Reynolds Aluminum Solar Collector

   We bought a house with a "Reynolds Aluminum Solar Collector" on the roof, with piping leading into the basement nea...
Andi Weiss Bartczak 5

Ice free water

I'm new to solar energy experimentation.  I would like to make a small system to keep my horse's water warm this ...
Andrea Christenot 15

Wiring multiple windmills

hi, I would like to set up multiple windmills near my home, however I my house is in between some hills, and there is better win...
Andrew Rainboldt 4

wind turbine charge controller

Hi, Im setting up my first wind turbine, and I am looking into what kind of charge controller would be best. It was suggested th...
Andrew Rainboldt 1

Battery / Off-Grid system

When would you use 12v, 24v, 48v, or 96v batteries for an off-grid system? Is it strictly cost related or is there an advantage ...
Andrew Rasken 2

Wire Size

Can someone calculate the wire size I would need to connect a set of 6--175 watt panels at 24v from the combiner box to the DC d...
Andy D 3

MX-60 question

I have 6 Solarworld 175w panels currently connected in parallel to an MX-60. Each panel runs into an combiner box at the array, ...
Andy D 8

How to wire off grid inverter to main breaker panel??

I only have one panel in my house, in the garage. How do I wire my inverter to it?? I only have two solar panels..not en...
Andy T 1

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