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Ballast system for flat roof

I will be installing a fairly large array on a flat membrane roof.  Does anyone have info on ballast systems, how much weig...
Sam Avery 0

Bang Bang Bang goes my solar hot water heater

When the sun is shinning bright and the panels are a cooking, the pipes in the solar hot water system start to bang. It...
Jim Patera 10

Barbeque heat engine driving a generator-12V deep cycle battery-grill motor

I want to drive a small 12vDC generator from a heat engine attached to a barbarque grill.  The generator will maintain the ...
Don Vosberg 2

basic inverter wiring question

I've been looking more closely at some of the inverters available and how to go about wiring a system.  I've noti...
Brian P 5

Basic Solar Advice

What would be needed to put together an 80 watt system using four 20 watt panels? Would a charge controller be needed between th...
Joey LaHatte 1

batter charging

if i wire two 12v batteries in series to produce 24v at the end connection. do i need to produce 12v or 24v from my wind turbine...
Nathan Plass 1


I have 8 12V batteries parallelled togather with 105 amp hrs each. They are marine deep cycle batteries which I understand are n...
David Szymas 16


Murray Rourke 3

Batteries don't seem to hold a charge

Early this summer, I came across 6 Caterpillar Batteries. They are all 12v Deep Cell 100Ah 750ccA batteries. I already had 4...
Steven Messer 3

batteries needed

Im looking at a house that is off the grid right now it uses propane for lights an refrigeration and a diesel as nessesary for e...
Wayne Kobe 1

Battery / Off-Grid system

When would you use 12v, 24v, 48v, or 96v batteries for an off-grid system? Is it strictly cost related or is there an advantage ...
Andrew Rasken 2

Battery AH Confusion

Quick question that have been wondering about, I have a 12V battery, but I forgot the exact specs of the battery that w...
Ian Williams 1

Battery and Inverter recommendations...

OK, my head is swimming with all the different options and ways of generating and storing electricity and I need some recommenda...
Dawn Buxton 5

Battery Bank

I came across a faulty battery on 24 volts system with 200 amp-hr bank capacity. 2 strings of 100 amp-hr The battery ban...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 1

Battery bank calculation

Hi,  In the calculators on the web that I've seen used to compute the number of batteries needed in a battery bank, all cal...
Ed Mansky 2

Battery Bank Configuration - Wiring

I have 12 x 110 Ah batteries @ 12 volt, I'm experience voltage drops with small loads on the inverter. What is the...
Steve M 8

Battery bank generator

Im want to build a small back-up 24 volt battery bank generator. I have a 125 amp, 24 volt electrodyne alternator, I want to tur...
Russell Rogers 2

Battery bank size

Dear Mr.JC, How are you? Hoping for the all well. This is Sandeep writing you for the first time. I calculated one Sola...
Sandeep Kumar 2

Battery bank weak after adding water to batteries

Hello, I have a bank of 6 4v Surrette deep-cycle batteries that have been online for about 1.5 years.  I recently ...
Samuel Klawitter 9

Battery basics: cost analysis $/cycle

greetings all. anyone out there have chart / data comparing DOD/Cycle/Cost of the usual battery manufacturers? ...
Jason Arnold 0

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