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Trace PS2512

Ok this is an odd question but Ill ask anyways. I have an old Trace PS2512 inverter that recently took a lightning spike and...
Aaron Scholten 0

parallel stacking of two trace DR 2412

Hello, I baught a second  Trace dr 2412 to run 220vac loads. It turned out that I changed my mind and I will not to run 220...
richard thivierge 0

Battery basics: cost analysis $/cycle

greetings all. anyone out there have chart / data comparing DOD/Cycle/Cost of the usual battery manufacturers? ...
Jason Arnold 0

Going Grid Tie

I am going grid tie and I would like some tech assistance. I have solar panels, wind mill and small hydro unit the max I can...
Donald Bodda 0

3KW wind turbine Charge controller (C60) help

I have a 3Kw wind turbine with a maximum of 12 Volts with 249 Amps. If i use a C60 as a diversion load, and dump it to ...
Shane Hogg 0

Lighting arrestors

I am setting up a Whispher 200 wind generator on a 64 ft tower. The whispher 200 is a 3 wire system coming into the rectifier bo...
Royden Brien 0

Roof mounted wind turbines

Hello everyone - Does anyone have experience with roof mounted wind turbines that they would like to share? I'm c...
Bramley Munz 0

Upgrading an off-grid hydro system

I have a hydro system with a 23kW Marathon 240VAC generator (8" pipe, about 200 or 250 ft drop), but it uses too much water...
David Doshay 0

Xanterx XW ,,,,,How to add another battery bank?

First off, I have 16 agm 6volt 200 ah batteries wired in a 24vdc bank 800 amp hrs total, all connected to a 4024 xw system. ...
Chris T 0

Windmill with rotating sails

Windmill with rotating sails is a new type of windmill. It has a vertical axle around which three sails spin around. http://www....
Tihomir Culjak 0

Air x land

Hello, I'm from Portugal and i have a Air x land. I'd like to know if it is normal he work's when the baterys are...
Antonio Nunes 0

Elster Meters

My utility installed an Elster Alpha Plus A1D+ meter to measure the net metering of my system. I come to find that it may be the...
Hank Sandhoff 0

Water HEATING in winter - shade morning+afternoon?

I want to get a closed loop system. There is shade in the morning and afternoon. I can not remove many trees on the afternoon si...
Chris Anda 0

windpower generators

   I am looking for the best price on a new complete package windmill that will produce app.400,000 kw a year in an ar...
Dave Graybeal 0

reconfiguration of reset on a Xantrex C-60 controler

My C-60 controler was damaged when the solar aray -6, 230 watt panels- was configured in series rather than series/parallel. The...
Edward Spencer 0

Xantrex Bts-15 Temp Sen-Dr/Ux/C Sensor

I would like to extend the cable length on this sensor. My question is what type of wiring is needed to do this? I would like to...
Romeo Archie 0

PV Solar electricity tied directly to a DC Water Heater

Can someone give me a general overview of what is required. Lets assume I get 250 watt PV and tie DC directly to DC heating elem...
Joseph Stofik 0

trace DR1512 dri stacking cable

i have had no luck finding a cable or any information on making a cable either any help in either direction would be&n...
Scott Huff 0

Centering a Wattsun TR-75,single axis solar panel tracker

  My solar panel tracker, a Wattsun TR75 single axis, has a new controller,electric eye sensor, and refurbished motor drive, al...
Mark Mandzik 0


I am wondering if anybody could give me the dimensions of the housing for the stream engine. Just a general measurement in eithe...
Bo Lollar 0

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