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Battery box from a Coleman ice chest?

I'm thinking of making a battery box for 300AH of 12V AGM batteries from a wheeled Coleman 50 quart ice chest (the kind tha...
Alan Dennis 2

Battery Brand & Model Recommendation

What deep-cycle battery will give me the most bang for my buck on a 24v system? Best place to get them? Thanks...Stan
Stan Bowen 5

Battery Cable size

I've used your Wire Sizing: A Practical Guide to determine battery cable sizing and I would like your opinion if I sized it corr...
Gary Miller 5

battery capacity ratings

Why are 3 different capacity ratings given for any particular battery. eg for a Surrette 500 series 12v (12-cs-11ps) it is quote...
Pete Newton 1

Battery care for summer camp

I am planning on installing a small off-grid 500w PV system in my summer cottage in Maine.  My question is about batteries....
James J 4

battery charge and discharge

I have lucent batteries (valve regulated lead acid batteries) 12 volts system, 3000 amp hr, maintenance free. They are glass fib...
John Jones 3

Battery charge life

I am new to RE but I have a problem that I would appreciate some insight on. I have a small 200-300 watt wind turbine hooked dir...
David Day 2

Battery Charger

I have a load of 900watts on a 1500 inverter/charger i have 5 12V 150Ah battery connected in parallel giving 12V 750Ah. The char...
Smith Oshodin 4

Battery charger on Air-X system

Had seen something on this in the forums before..darned if I can find it again! We have an AIR-X 400w 12v system on the...
Chuck Manos 1

Battery chargers and solar controllers

My question to anyone is I have a sunguard-4 controller. My solar set up is small but works for basement lights. I have a aux ge...
Max Schulte 1

battery charging set-up

I have an a-frame pop up camper, live in CO and am interested in a solar battery charging set-up.  I'm looking at the Uniso...
Cheryle Sullivan 2

battery charging, rest or not to rest?

I'm on a boat. 4ea. t-105 Trojan batteries. 2ea. in series to battery switch that has 1, 2, both or off. Should I run both ...
William Isherwood 0

Battery corrosion

I have a Dodge 2500 pick truck and it seems to have excessive battery and electrical corrosion not only on the battery terminals...
denis farrmer 1

battery equalization

I am looking for some documentation or other solid info on the calculations needed for advanced programing of my Outback Mate. M...
Ron Hardwick 1

Battery failure on DC powered exhaust fans

Hello, I currently have two 24 volt, 50 watt exhaust fans operating 24 hours on wind/solar thru two sets of 12 volt (in seri...
Ron Hopp 5

battery protection

I recently purchased a solar system and installed it with the solar panels feeding the controller then the controller feedsing t...
James Kalloch 2

Battery size calculation based on insolation and load

How to find the size of the battery ie., based on load or based on the solar insolation. If i hav a laod requireme...
Tech Guy 1

Battery sizing

Autonomy and longevity are the words. Where autonomy is defined in terms of a political reference it still lends itself to t...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

Battery State of Charge

Most of the 12volts inverter cutout the battery at 10.5volts to prevent over discharging.   Based on the battery st...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 14

battery supply to transfer switch

I am not sure if this is feasible, but I have a 6 circuit manual transfer switch with a 240 volt plug that I use with my generat...
David Jacobs 1

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