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alternative energy for a hotel

I need to find a good alternative energy to put into a hotel that is being built in costa rica. I would like to make it eco. fri...
Paul 1

Alternative Power without fuel wind or solar

Spirit Quest Ocean Survey not only performs ocean health survey but also develops leading edge technologies and we do have a pow...
roy dymond 1


I'm sure someone has thought of this already, but is there any way for an alternator (like the ones found in most cars) to be po...
Brad Carter 3

Am I a candidate for hydroelectric power?

I've got an artesian well next to my house that puts out 35 gpm.  I have it piped to a creek that is 70 yards from the hous...
Matthew Adcock 1

Am I Doing the Numbers Wrong?!

Hi, My wife and I are very interested in solar.  We live in Northeast Florida and we currently use about 800 kwh per mo...
Joseph Yorio 2

Amp draw on storage batteries.

How do I figure the Amp draw on batteries, so I can size my battery bank? For example if I have an inverter putting out true...
Cody Boop 1

Amp Hours

can a e27sdlG (MK) 98AH and a 12sc90 84ah  be hooked together to increase AH capacity or do all batteries have to be from s...
Joel Serra 3

amp meter

Hi I hooked up my Air X 400 w turbine as per the instructions into a battery bank and seemed good to go. However, when the t...
Norman Toevs 1

Amp Meter Shunt

Whats the purpose of a shunt on the meter when measuring a DC current? Thanks Jon
Jon Schniers 3

Amps Info

Hi All I am interested in purchasing the Air X 400w turbine. Question How much amps does the device put out at low and high spee...
Walwyn D 0

amps or watts ??

I have a pellet stove that runs on 115 volts 60Hz 3amps when calculating how long this will run off of 12 volt 450 ah ...
Rene M 1

Angle for PV panels?

I'm new to Solar, but I've been interested in it for quite some time. I'm wondering if there is a "best angl...
Peter Leibold 2

Any good performance reports for the Solarsheat 1500G vs. Cansolair?

I am looking to purchase a solar air heater. Two main players here are the Cansolair and Solarsheat. I can find a great...
Larry Saupe 3

Anyone using Hydro? How, with what,I'm lookin @ water baby

 Would a water baby work off my well? Could i use solar to power my well pump ? I'm Interested in how others are worki...
Chris Rhees 2

Are desulfators as effective as the ads claim?

The brochures say the desulfator will return a battery to bsically original condition.  I have a string of flooded 110AH de...
Chester Curtis 2


can i  install two autotransformers in parallell on   the same circuit if so what are the benefits ian
Ian Sealy 1

Auxiliary Relays

I want to take advantage of the auxiliary relays on my xantrex 4048 inverter. My understanding is the relays can be set based on...
Ben Duggan 4

Backfeeding existing circuits

As a result of adding propane for heating and cooking to my home, I now have 2 high-amp 240V circuits unused in my main circuit/...
Robert Leese 2

backup generator hookup

Hello All I am putting in my off grid system, it will be a 3kw wind turbine with a 3 kw solar system, set up to a battery ba...
Alfred McCall 1

backup generator.

Hello I am building a home and plan on being off grid.  My system will consist of wind turbine, with a battery ba...
Alfred McCall 5

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