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12 volts systems

 Can I have 5 12 volt batterys & connect 10 6 volt batterys to the 12 volt batterys? Also would you show me how to conn...
Roberta M 6

Firewood vending- convert to solar

The machine vends prebundled firewood.Plugs into 110v outlet. It uses an electric motor (6.7 amps) that turns a screw drive to p...
John Laughlin 2

Maximum number of PV module

LAST EDITED ON May-30-04 AT 08:38 AM (EST)Knowing that the Sharp 175W-R5EIU has; Isc of 5.55 Ipm of 4.95 also that the Outb...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

"Off Grid" refrigeration

Recently I purchased an EZ-Freeze 19 cubic foot refeigerator/freezer. Here is some of the math that led to our decision.Danby - ...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

"Question about Solar Panels Mounting"

I asked this question also on another forum, but hope here I'll get faster response.    I'm working on designing a sma...
Dmitry Aniskovich 5

12 volt vs 24 volt with inverter use

If I have a 12 volt inverter with a 12 volt paralleled battery bank, can I do series/parallel wiring to the same battery bank an...
David Szymas 1

120 volts Vs 220 volts

Could someone educate me on country voltage of 120volts or 220volts? Countries like USA,JAPAN use 120 volts while UK,Nigeria use...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 1

120vac timers - to reduce net load from phantom load devices

Goal: Reduce total net consumption for a very specific set of devices. ( primarily battery chargers for tools ) Questio...
Keith Birchfield 7

12V DC 115A to 24V DC...

Dear All, Need some advice how to find a suitable solution for the following: Have a 12V 115A alternator howev...
Carl Wachtmeister 3

12V panel to 24V controller or LCB

Does the Shur-flo 902-100 controller, rated @ 24V convert 12V from a panel into 24V?  I'd like to try pairing a 24V Shur-f...
William R Wagoner 2

12v Switches for interior lights/outlets

I've researched around and keep finding that normal household switches are not DC rated.  I'm curious what you al...
Fritz Frerichs 8

12V Thermostats

I've got 12VDC battery power and 12VDC "El Sid" circulator pumps for my hydronic heating.  Right now I have ...
Thomas Anderson 5

2 charge controllers

At this time I have 2 kyocera 50 watt panels hooked in parallel to one 20 amp charge controller I also own a 15 watt panel t...
Rene M 2

2 different size battery banks

I have 2 rolls 530 6 volt batteries on my boat that are almost 3 years old. They are fed with 6 panels and overnight I use aroun...
William Isherwood 3

2 panels of different voltages

I know this topic has been discussed here before, but I've few questions. I have 1 panel installed, it's abou...
Will Williams 0

24 volt panels to charge 12 volt battries

Hi All I have some 24 volt panels that put out almost 26 volts. My first question is would this be to high to charge a 12 vo...
Steve M 11

240 transformer on inverter

I have a cabin on my property that is 600 feet from my power center. Instead of running a heavy line to it for occasional use I&...
Russell Hanson 1

240 Volt system options

My friend has an off-grid solar system with 1KW of panels and 24V battery bank and we are planning to add 120VAC service to Cabi...
Russel Behm 0

24V Solar panels, use on 12V?

I wired up a group of older solar panels in 24V configuration.  This is at a remote location in Bahamas.  Homeowner ne...
Lee Haefele 4

25 gal Bray Oil 4 collector system need special seals and pump

Hello looking for a 3 speed pump with special seals either dupont Kalrez (1st choice), or Viton seals.    The ...
Tom Plantier 0

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