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3 way switch

I have a 3 way light for my stairs. The power comes in at the switch. The light is in-between the 2 switches. I have followed th...
Bruce Smith 7

36V soalr panels, charge controller with 12V out?

I have 3 USED and broken 36V panels in parallel that still output 2-5A total power that I got free.  Most of my internal sy...

3KW wind turbine Charge controller (C60) help

I have a 3Kw wind turbine with a maximum of 12 Volts with 249 Amps. If i use a C60 as a diversion load, and dump it to ...
Shane Hogg 0

4 Kyocera Panels in Series = 80 volts?

I have just installed 4 Kyocera 135w solar panels on my Sprinter van and am curious as to the output from the solar array. ...
Sam Elmore 3

40hp submersible pump design problem

hi everybody I am newbie about solar my pump specifications are voltage=220/380(L-G/L-L voltage i mean three phase ), amper=...
Aslan Aslan 7

411 on equipment needed 2 set up 6/51watt panels

hello my name is shawn im buying 8/51 watt solar panels..real cheapIve been reading all the questings in this sight trying to le...
shawn powers 21

6 blade conversion for the 403

  i lived in arizona and used the 403 for 1 year i was not as happy with it's performance as i expected i would be ,it was ...
j scott 3

6 panels 7a ea. 26v 48 volt bat bank 3 on 1 24v 3 on other

here my question: i have setup right now 2 sw4048 8 werker 31mdc batteries ,2 parallel going into a series (cross tied) to make ...
Christopher Owens 1

6 volt solar panel linking

I have a 2 part question for all but I will start with this. If I link 2 6v panels together to get 12v this is not a problem wit...
Max Schulte 5

60A charge regulator with MPPT ?

Hi can anyone recommend a good charge regulator that operates at the maximum power point. Our systemn is 24V with 60A max curren...
Phil Shadbolt 3

800A deep Cycle Bank in Storage - Need Trickle chg specs/configeration for Solar

In a marine configeration, I have a 800ah house battery bank of deep cycle batteries that goes into storage, fully charged, for ...
Dynamo1181 Wi 2

8KW wind turbine blade material selection. HELP!!!!!

I am doing a project on wind turbine blade design and material selection for an 8kw turbine. However I must justify my final mat...
denis hegarty 1

a little help

Posted by Lee Butcher on Today at 07:51:59 PM a little help? We are living off the grid in South central Texas (mason c...
Lee Butcher 9

A solar panel system that will not go down.

Hi everyone,  I was hoping somone can give me some feedback.  I need to design a solar system that will provide electr...
Terence Liu 1

absorber plate for (fiberglass?) solar water heater?

A couple years ago I received 4 used solar water heater panels for free. They appear to be constructed of some kind of white fib...
E B 1

Absorption Chillers

Do any of you know of any residential (Aqua-Ammonia) absorption systems out there using solar hot water?  Similar to below?...
Larry Saupe 2

AC amps - DC amps

Hello all, I've been trying to wrap my head around a couple of things lately and was hoping someone could shed som...
Dave C 10

AC Pump vs DC Pump and PV

I'm putting the finishing touches on my SDHW system. The parts were acquired second-hand and I received an AC powered ...
Michael Devereaux 2

Active wifi repeater with solar cell

Hello,Im new to the solar system.I need to setup an active repeater for my wireless lan. My access point uses 5V @ 1 AMP. The un...
Alexander Johansen 1

Adding a battery bank

I have a bank of six Surrette 4-CS-17PS 546Ah batteries in series for 24V, installed in 2008.  I would like to now double m...
Thomas Anderson 8

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