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convert a lantern that has no electrical to solar lighting

On our cottage we have 3 lanterns about 18 inches long and about 6 inches wide at the widest part and narrow down a point at the...
Mary Forbes 0

What solar panels do I need?

I have a well pump(Grundfos 11 Sqf-2)that runs on 30 to 300vdc.  I want to hook up solar panels to pump during the day.&nbs...
John Erwin 0

Sine Wave Inverter Selection

I am about ready to upgrade to a sine wave inverter. I know the many advantages over modified sine wave but not all of the varia...
Jim Sluyter 0


I have a DC 6 volt 8amp. gel battery.  I need to convert it to output 10-24 volt DC.  Does anyone make a small light w...
Ken 0

Eco-friendly Travel Tips

The number of people who travel for business or pleasure is increasing every year. It is important that people are aware of Eco ...
Robert Mathew 0

Eco-friendly Birthdays Tips

It’s your kid’s birthday and you must celebrate it in an eco-friendly way. Know how to celebrate eco-friendly birthdays so t...
Robert Mathew 0


I'm looking into powering a computer and monitor for about 12 hours of daily use. My tower has a 300 Watt power supply (Im runni...
jack 0

Inexpensive battery bank charging ....

My system... 300 watts of solar panels, Solar boost 2512x controller, 14 deep-cycle 220 amp/hr batteries wired in series for 12 ...
Tim Dederick 0

Eco - friendly Tips for Tree Recycling

Having a natural Christmas tree adds a certain charm to the festive season. But after a season what about trees? The answer is s...
Robert Mathew 0

xantrex sw4048

 I have 2 for the 220v or 110. The voltage reads  226 v  untill I put a load like a toaster then it reads 118 to1...
James Anspaugh 0

Save Energy While Using Holiday Lights

We pay more money on electricity bills,heating,cooling bills. Now a days various energy efficient appliances are available which...
Robert Mathew 0

Geo Solar Homes

Geo solar homes utilize energy from both the sun and earth for heating and cooling purposes. In these homes, solid wood walls su...
Robert Mathew 0

solar heating for pool in Italy and associated UV cleaning

Being a novice in alternative energy, I am seeking advice as to what are the options for solar heating and UV cleaning for a pla...
John Murray 0

Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT PC MeterBus Adapter

I have the Morningstar Sun Saver Duo. I want to add the Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT PC MeterBus Adapter to my system. Since neithe...
Jimmie O 0

Hot Yoga and Renewable Energy

Hi Guys, I will be opening a Hot yoga studio in Nashville and was hoping someone could give me ideas on how to heat the stud...
Wendii Brooks 0

Power requirements for backpacking / bike camping setup

I am considering purchasing a foldable solar panel which will primarily be used to charge my Batterygeek Portable Power Sta...
Scott Stewart 0

Charging batteries in parallel w/portable charger

Could someone tell me if using a portable 12V "smart" charger to charge a bank of 12V batteries connected in parallel ...
Dan McAfee 0

Leak in Collector plate

Hello .. I have an old solar hot water system.. it appears that my differential controller is screwed up (just ordered the SunEa...
Dan Jordan 0

Amps Info

Hi All I am interested in purchasing the Air X 400w turbine. Question How much amps does the device put out at low and high spee...
Walwyn D 0

PWM Inverters

Ok, here's where I need refreshing. Are PWM sine wave output inverters true/pure sine wave? or are these the "near sin...
Craig Flanders 0

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