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Panels not Producing electricity

I have a 9.2kw PV system.  When the sun is out without clouds, one of three inverters shuts down for several hours or until...
David Sporkin 3

12 volt vs 24 volt with inverter use

If I have a 12 volt inverter with a 12 volt paralleled battery bank, can I do series/parallel wiring to the same battery bank an...
David Szymas 1


I have 8 12V batteries parallelled togather with 105 amp hrs each. They are marine deep cycle batteries which I understand are n...
David Szymas 16

Looking for a wind system wiring diagram

I'm looking for and can't find a diagram for a small home wind turbine system (100-400 watts) that isn't written ...
David Yurk 4

Impact of Solar Panel Orientation

I am looking for some advice regarding the impact of solar panel orientation and its impact on power generation.  Just to g...
Davin T 15

What wind system would you recommend...

... and why?I'm looking for those with experience with grid tie wind systems, preferably with a unit of 3kwt and above.Thanks!&#...
Dawn Buxton 6

Battery and Inverter recommendations...

OK, my head is swimming with all the different options and ways of generating and storing electricity and I need some recommenda...
Dawn Buxton 5

Which site....

We recently purchased a wind turbine with a free standing 100 foot tower.  This will be a grid tie application and as I was...
Dawn Buxton 2

MPPT Charge Controller Question

I currently have a Sunforce 30 amp charge controller and bought a Blue Sky 2000e 25 amp 12v mppt controller. After swapping out ...
Dean M 5

charging battery

can any one tell me approximately the time it would take to charge a 12 volt battery using a 5 watt solar panel? thanks
denis farrmer 1

Battery corrosion

I have a Dodge 2500 pick truck and it seems to have excessive battery and electrical corrosion not only on the battery terminals...
denis farrmer 1

8KW wind turbine blade material selection. HELP!!!!!

I am doing a project on wind turbine blade design and material selection for an 8kw turbine. However I must justify my final mat...
denis hegarty 1

inverter capacity calculation

Hi All,  (I'm new here) I was looking at the inverter calculation on page,
Dennis Adams 3

Charge controller voltages

My PV bank is 16 Kyocera KC158 G with a Vmp rating at 23.2 volts. That is hooked to a Xantrex SW 4024 the system is grid tied an...
Dennis M 0

Solar water pump help needed

Found the only water on my property in the root cellar. Plan to dig down app. 15 ft. and put a well and solar pump. Winters are ...
Dina Sugg 1

Question about Solar Panels Mounting

I'm working on designing a small (~1.5kW) solar system that will help "turn back the clock" on my meter.I have a garage wall (no...
Dmitry Aniskovich 1

"Question about Solar Panels Mounting"

I asked this question also on another forum, but hope here I'll get faster response.    I'm working on designing a sma...
Dmitry Aniskovich 5


I have an opportunity to purchase 20-KC120's fom an estate sale. I know that there were issues with panels built between 20...
Don Abel 3

Can a dedicated solar converter keep the compost from freezing in a year-round composting toilet?

i'm considering installing a composing toilet in my cabin.  i have no electricity and only a woodstove on which to cook and...
Don Christensen 2

RV Power Needs

I have searched the internet far and wide and have yet to find someone who can tell me the answer to my question, in terms I can...
Don Price 7

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