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I'm looking into powering a computer and monitor for about 12 hours of daily use. My tower has a 300 Watt power supply (Im runni...
jack 0

Concentrating Regular PV's

I'd expect this has come up before, but is there some info available on how much extra sunlight you can pump onto any of th...
Bob Fiske 8

Confusion about solar connections.

I have some Sharp 167 nd-u3 panels. I could use 2 more in my string. Can,t find any as they have been discontinued. I found some...
Victor Snodgrass 1

Connecting batteries up

Here's what I have, 5 x 110Ah batteries connected plus to plus and minus to minus - keeping the bank at 12V. &...
Steve M 16

Connecting Hybrids

How do you connect hybrid systems, such as a wind turbine and solar panels.  I know you have a charge controller for each g...
Paul Kavan 1

Connecting to AET piping

Just recieved two shiny new AET solar panels.  The instructions with the panel state that there is a "nipple" con...
Lawrence Lile 5

connecting turbine to solar

I have a solar system set up for 24v.  I want to add a 12v air-x turbine into the system.  (I already have the turbine...
Rhett Fouraker 2

Connecting two solar panels to a single charge controller

Hi! I am to connect 2 solar panels to a Morningstar Prostar Ps-30M 30A charge controller. The Solar panels are...
Fredrik E 0

Connecting two solar panels to a single charge controller

Is is possible to connect 2 solar panels to a  30A charge controller. The Solar panels are both 12 but one is 80W ...
Dare Devils 2

Connector Confusion Don't want to mix up polarity

I'm confused. I am wiring two panels in series. I have the panels connected together however I understand I need to wire th...
Ann Byers 5

Conserving Gas, Alternative Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy Kwh/gal,MJ/gal

Check out this workbook my brother just wrote (I got the beauty he got the brains LOL) It covers everything from how to measure ...
Sh JA 0

Considering Solar/Wind systems

I live in the upper midwest and am considering solar/wind systems to help heat/cool my home.  I am unsure how to proceed. &...
Terri Ayers 2

Controller battery voltage cutoff

For reference at what battery voltage in general does most charge controller stop charging at? I live were it is easy to have on...
Max Schulte 4

Controller for operating loads both with solar and ordinary power

Hi all! Can I operate my loads by using both solar and grid power at a time? That means if my load require 500...
Tech Guy 9

Controller fuse burns

I have an off-grid system. Two 103W (104?)Evergreen panels, each running to its own Condumex (i live in Mexico) controller. Duri...
George Anna clark 14

controller setting

I currently have a charge controller that goes into a trickle charge float mode at 13.7 volts . At the end of the day my bat...
Rene M 1

convert a lantern that has no electrical to solar lighting

On our cottage we have 3 lanterns about 18 inches long and about 6 inches wide at the widest part and narrow down a point at the...
Mary Forbes 0

Converting a regular heat tape (gutter ice) to work off a 15W Solar Collector?

I am a solar newbie, experimenting with a Northern Industrial Tools High Wattage Solar Panel – 15 Watt. I would like ...
Joe DeBottis 0

Converting from AC generator to DC storage or better ideas welcome

I own an off-grid resort and working ranch in Costa Rica.  Currently we generate all our power using a 3 X 24amp old AEG ge...
Juan Sostheim 5

Cranking and deep cycle batteries

Hi, I recently connected my PV array to my house. I am using 4 8D batteries but they are the cranking type. What I want...
Jorge Rodriguez 1

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