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Powering devices on a sailboat

Hello all, I'm starting to do some research about adding solar and/or wind power generators to my sailboat.  Tryi...
Bran Erdelyi 1


My question is if I attached my ground wire from my inverter to the electric plug I have inside my house that is attached to my ...
Max Schulte 1

Powering a recovery pump system for an Environmental Cleanup project site.

I have a project where I am attempting to power a 120 volt/ 10.5 amp submersible pump system for recovery of water and oil . Thi...
Kevin Shaver 1

Shurflo DC Surface Water Pump Question

Hi! Can I ask what is the maximum inlet and outlet head height/lenght for water transfer because it will be used in an existing ...
Yans Demesa 1

trimetric meter.

  I have a bogart 2025 rv trimetric meter on my battery bank. I called and spoke to them about it and have it hooked up rig...
Billy Honaker 1

backup generator hookup

Hello All I am putting in my off grid system, it will be a 3kw wind turbine with a 3 kw solar system, set up to a battery ba...
Alfred McCall 1

Wind Turbines on RVs

Hello again everyone - Another issue I'm curious about is installations on RVs. Since roof mount installations ca...
Bramley Munz 1

Xantrex MPPT 60 aux output - how to wire it?

I'm wondering if someone can explain to me how to connect my wires to the Xantrex MPPT 60 auxiliary output.  The manual is...
Matthew E 1

Solar panel with Diode.

If I have a 12v solar panel and it has a built in blocking diode if I would buy a matching panel and wire it in series would I g...
Max Schulte 1

reynolds aluminum panels mixed with copper panels

I have just acquired 2 4 X 12 ft Reynolds panels and was thinking about adding them to my existing array of panels that are all ...
Mark Gaul 1

Confusion about solar connections.

I have some Sharp 167 nd-u3 panels. I could use 2 more in my string. Can,t find any as they have been discontinued. I found some...
Victor Snodgrass 1

Wind Turbine amp draw?

I hooked up my amp gauge the other night when it was still and the meter was reading 00.1. It is a 2 amp digital meter so I took...
Max Schulte 1

temperature setting question

I have an old working solar panel hot water system. It is more than 20 yrs old on the house we bought in 07. There are two close...
James Mei 1

Ground question

Right now I have one positive connection and one negative connection from the battery for my solar panels and then the same for ...
Max Schulte 1

info needed for very small stand alone system

I am wanting to have a bank of 4 12v 35ah batteries that I will charge about once a week.  I'm in LA area and according to...
Brad Wilson 1

AGM batteries and equalization charge?

I'm setting up a system with Haze AGM batteries and an Ampair mini hydro (UW100).  Unfortunately the only charge contr...
Matthew E 1

Shell SQ-175 solar panel

I am looking for a replacement for a Shell SQ-175 panel I inadvertently hit with the bucket of my tractor.  Are there any a...
Greg Mayer 1

WInd Turbines

I am starting to see all these wind turbines popping up all over the place now BUT they are unregulated. I seen a 12v 200W turbi...
Max Schulte 1

PV conversion

Hi, I am looking for information on the wavelength range most polycrystalline PV cells operate in and how much of that wavelengt...
Tim Farquharson 1

Replacing a battery in a set

Hi, a friend has a 24V set of Hoppecke 625Va batteries. They are about 3 or 4 years old.  For some reason (abuse/bad luck?)...
Nigel Morton 1

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