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Outback GVFX?

I have a question specific to the Outback GVFX series inverters. I was considering the purchase of an Outback VFX inver...
Dustin D 0

No current from CX-20

Hi Every body, I have a CX-20, a solar panel (20W  I think, @full sunshine, Vcc = 18,7V and Isc = 1.43Amp), the ba...
Peter Rockman 0

DC Source Center

Hi everyone, I have at the moment a 5kW wind turbine and around 1kW PV arrays and I want to connect them in order to ge...
Joel Salazar 0

charge controller settings for ST27DC-180 batteries

I've put together a smallish system, 1000 watts of panels (specs) arranged 2 series strings of 500 watts each, 48 volts, &l...
Gordon DeBower 0

Connecting two solar panels to a single charge controller

Hi! I am to connect 2 solar panels to a Morningstar Prostar Ps-30M 30A charge controller. The Solar panels are...
Fredrik E 0

Need wind turbine

I need to buy wind turbine to install in thailand Cut in speed 2.5 m/sReted speed 4-6 m/s .Please advice me.
wajanawout tiyakote 0

36V soalr panels, charge controller with 12V out?

I have 3 USED and broken 36V panels in parallel that still output 2-5A total power that I got free.  Most of my internal sy...

Conserving Gas, Alternative Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy Kwh/gal,MJ/gal

Check out this workbook my brother just wrote (I got the beauty he got the brains LOL) It covers everything from how to measure ...
Sh JA 0

Charge controller voltages

My PV bank is 16 Kyocera KC158 G with a Vmp rating at 23.2 volts. That is hooked to a Xantrex SW 4024 the system is grid tied an...
Dennis M 0

Hello: Any way to extend the Lighting Arrestor?

Hello, I bought a Air X 24v wind generator from an auction site, but I just bought a 29" EZ Tower, LA 302 DC Lightning Arre...
Thomas E 0

Best Roof Flush Mount System

I am going to buy a roof flush mount system for my solar panels.  What brand has the best quality and other features? ...
Parker Jardine 0

Converting a regular heat tape (gutter ice) to work off a 15W Solar Collector?

I am a solar newbie, experimenting with a Northern Industrial Tools High Wattage Solar Panel – 15 Watt. I would like ...
Joe DeBottis 0

pulse pm60 controller

i got a pulse pm60 controller, and dont have a manual. can any one help?
John Ossowski 0

Newbie soldering issue

Hi - I am trying to solder some 3 x 2 1/4 solar cells as described in a recent issue of MAKE - thank you Parker Jardine. After I...
Ted Stevens 0

Windmill Causeway

I live in Texas an want to make them build what I am calling a Windmill Causeway.��  You may recall on South Padre Island...
Sco B 0


hi is there any way to disable the ac pass thought on the dr2412 so that it is just an inverter when on the batt. and a charger ...
timothy walker 0

Exeltech XP1100

HiI'm interested in purchasing the Exeltech XP1100 24v DC 230v AC inverter. Anyone has some experience to share before committin...
Brian Ellul 0

2 panels of different voltages

I know this topic has been discussed here before, but I've few questions. I have 1 panel installed, it's abou...
Will Williams 0

Pump size ???

My friend is building a 2000 sq ft home off grid. I had installed the alternative energy system he is currently using to provide...
Arcandspark 0

Which pump works best ???

A friend wants to install a 600 foot deep well and use an AC or DC submerged pump. I have not installed this type of pump and ha...
Arcandspark 0

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