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Charge Up solar battery charger

Solar charging has grown in popularity as a way to power electronics, like phones and laptops, and even larger loads like refrigerators and coffee makers. Solar kits are an excellent option for utilizing solar energy. Yet, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the right choice for you. Fortunately, with the altE Solar Charging and Power Up kits, we make it easy.

How it works: Pick a Solar Charging Kit. Next, add a Power Up kit. It's that simple!

Stay powered with the Charge Up with a 12v solar battery charger! This all-in-one convenient kit comes with everything you need to keep your batteries juiced up and running.

Got dead battery blues? The Charge Up Solar Charging Kit is the ultimate solution for any solar charging needs! Get back up and running quickly using our hassle-free gear in one convenient kit.

Never be left without power again! The Charge Up Solar Charging Kit is an all-inclusive solution for anyone looking for a reliable solar charging set up. Get charged up today!

Read more about how to build your own portable power generator on our blog.

Don't see exactly what you want? Use these kits as a jumping off point for your own design, check out our larger kit options, or fill out our quote request form and we'll design a custom system for you. Of course, feel free to give us a call at 877-878-4060 and we'll help you with your project.

Chrage Up

What is a solar battery charger?


A solar battery charger is a set of components that collectively absorb and store solar energy so that you can power your electronic devices. It contains one or more PV panels that are rated by wattage output, a side or top of pole mounting rack, an appropriately sized charge controller and all the circuit breakers and cables you need to wire the system safely. You will need to add a Power Up kit to store the energy in a battery and convert it to usable AC electricity.


In summary, this solar powered battery charger provide access to electricity in remote locations and emergencies without the need for traditional energy sources. Be prepared for power outages, power up off the grid or take your solar power with you tailgating, camping or any other outdoor activity where you need serious power.


What's included:


1, 2 or 3 Rich Solar Panels

Rich Solar has been a trusted name in the industry providing products for the off-grid solar market since 2005. Whether you need 1, 2 or 3 panels, the altE Charge Up Kit has you covered.

Their 12V off grid panels are constructed with heavy-duty tempered glass and sturdy aluminum frames for optimal support. Additionally, these panels go through rigorous testing to make sure they can handle any harsh climate conditions. Pre-drilled holes make their off grid panels compatible with various mounts and they offer an unbeatable 25 year performance warranty as well as a 5 year product warranty.


Victron Energy MPPT Solar Charge Controller


Victron Energy is a Dutch company that has been leading the way in off-grid solar markets since 1975. Their US Headquarters can be found in Maine and they have a wide range of products, which includes inverters and charge controllers.

A standout feature of their MPPT solar charge controller is the bluetooth capability. With this, you can setup, monitor, and update your product with a smart device or other Bluetooth-enable device. The controllers are designed to fit different needs - making sure you get exactly what want out of it!

The features with Victron Energy's MPPT Solar Charge Controllers include Ultra Fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), advanced power detection capabilities plus an intelligent battery management system by load shedding. There is also an optional Smart Solar MPPT Plug-In Display available as an add-on and automatic battery voltage recognition for extra convenience. Plus its flexible charging algorithm, over temperature protection and 5 Year Warranty make this one of the best products on the market right now.


Tamarack Solar Panel Mounts


Tamarack Solar Panel Mounts are the perfect solution to securely fasten your modules to the ground. They are constructed with aluminum and stainless steel fasteners, offering superior strength and durability no matter what kind of weather conditions you're dealing with.

These mounts have been tested to withstand up to 50 psf (90 mph wind loads) in order to keep your modules safe - which is significantly higher than industry standards.

The structures are universal, designed to hold modules from different manufacturers. And not only that, but Tamarack's Solar Panel Mounts also boast infinitely adjustable positions over a wide range for precise positioning of the modules, making seasonal adjustments easier than ever before.

All this, plus their convenient packaging, and well-illustrated instructions make Tamarack's Solar Panel Mounts an unbeatable choice for mounting your solar panels in any environment.



Cable and Safety Equipment


When it comes to cable and safety equipment, look no further than Midnite Solar's BabyBox 4 Slot AC or DC Breaker Panel. It offers superior protection against overloads. and it will keep your wires safe and secure. Also included are Multi-Contact Solarline 2 (MC4) connectors, #10 AWG sunlight resistant PV Wire (50ft).

The included breakers are rated to break the full load at rated voltage repeatedly with NO DAMAGE. Plus, they've been tested by ETL and certified up to 150VDC for US/Canada use.

For added protection, these kits include strain reliefs. They're made of Nylon with Buna-N seals and are resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, ether, esters, ketones, etc.


How long does it take to charge a battery from solar panels?

The amount of time it will take to charge your batteries from solar panels depends on the wattage of the solar panels, the watt-hours of the battery, the amount of the battery depleted and environmental factors like temperature, sunlight, and position of the solar panels. This chart shows the estimated hours to charge under average conditions.

The chart above is the estimated number of full sun hours needed to charge the Power Up Kit batteries from empty to full. Please keep in mind these are full sun hours. For example, in the winter you may only have 2 full sun hours per day, whereas you could have 5 or even 7 full sun hours per day in the summer. Check the solar potential of your location here.

The amount of sun-hours you'll get per day is dependent on where you are located and the time of year. You can look up more details in this chart. Tilt angle, orientation, shading and other factors can impact your charging time- learn more in our resource library.

The Power Up Kits also come equipped with an AC power supply, so if you need to charge faster then the solar panels allow, you can top them off with a generator or grid power if available.



The Charge Up Kit is a powerful 12 volt solar battery charger. The solar panels have a sleek anodized aluminum frame that allows you to get power from the sun for battery charging from the solar panel. The optional digital display shows when the solar charge controller is working to charge the Lithium Battery Power Up add-on batteries.

With the included solar panel battery charger, you can easily get a full-charge, as well as extend how long your battery will last. Additionally, the kit has powerful charging capabilities for a variety of different types of batteries offered, meaning it was designed to get maximum range for whatever device you’re powering.

Product Features:

- Anodized aluminum frame for durability.

- Digital display shows charge controller functionality

- Solar charge controller works with Lithium Battery Power and other types of batteries.

- Powerful battery charger with fast rate charging ensures maximum range.

- Compatible with various types of batteries, including LiFePO4 & lead acid.

- Can charge up quickly even in dim settings using solar assist technologies like MPPT algorithms.

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