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Power Up Kits

Are you a boat owner, RV owner, or camper? Are you prepared for the unexpected while out on the water, into the open road or while at home?

With Power Up Kit and optional Charge Up Kit, you will have a reliable portable power source to keep your life uninterrupted.

The rechargeable battery means there’s no need for heavy and bulky generators and the optional solar kit will provide recharging when the grid is unavailable.

Get yours today and be ready for any adventure or emergency, knowing that Power Up Kit has got your back! Click below to get your very own Power Up Kit.

The Power Up Battery Storage System is a reliable source of power in remote locations. It includes a battery, an inverter, and all necessary cables, and is easily installed and portable. The kit includes an HLX+ 12V lithium battery, a Samlex 12V 600W pure sine wave inverter, an IOTA 45A AC charger, and cables and fuses. This system ensures a dependable power source in any situation.


The Charge Up solar charging kits provide access to electricity in remote locations and emergencies without traditional energy sources. altE offers solar charging as accessories to the Power Up kits. They contain one or more PV panels, a side or top of pole mounting rack, a charge controller, and circuit breakers and cables. Solar panels are provided by Rich Solar and come with heavy-duty tempered glass, aluminum frames, and a 25 year performance warranty. Victron Energy's MPPT Solar Charge Controllers feature bluetooth capability, Ultra Fast Maximum Power Point Tracking, power detection capabilities, and an intelligent battery management system. Tamarack Solar Panel Mounts offer superior strength and durability against harsh climates and Midnite Solar's BabyBox 4 Slot AC or DC Breaker Panel provides superior protection against overloads.

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