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Off Grid Inverters

Off Grid Inverters are principally meant to be used with solar power systems (or wind and hydro) for a home or business totally disconnected from the electric utility company. They can also be used for providing emergency backup power when the electric company's power fails. Inverters with the built-in AC charger option, known as Inverter/Chargers, allow you to connect a generator up to your off grid system and automatically charge up your batteries when the solar power is getting too low. Also see our blog post on Inverter/Chargers for a quick overview and our educational article on TBD.

Not sure what size battery to inverter cable or fuses/breakers to use with your inverter? Check out our handy table for quick inverter cables and breaker sizing as well as our TBD.

Also see: Hybrid Inverters for inverters that are capable of working as both an off-grid or on-grid. These are primarily used in grid tie mode and then in off-grid mode when there's a blackout (i.e. like a large UPS).


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