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1) Choose your XR Rail:

XR10 Rail XR Rail Thumbnail Image
Select Clear: 11', 14', 17'

  • Low-profile rail- no snow areas
  • Up to 6' spanning capability
  • Light/Moderate load capability

XR100 Rail XR Rail Thumnail Image
Select Clear: 11', 14', 17'
Select Black: 11', 14', 17'

  • Std. residential mounting rail
  • Up to 8' spanning capability
  • Heavy load capability

XR1000 Rail XR Rail Thumbnail Image
Select Clear:  11', 14', 17'

  • Heavyweight mounting rail
  • Up to 12' spanning capability
  • Extreme load capability

Need Splices? Splice Kit Thumbnail Image
Select: XR10, XR100, XR1000

  • Use internal splices for a seamless, bonded connection that extends rail length

And Endcaps? Endcaps Thumbnail Image
Select: XR10, XR100, XR1000

  • Endcaps provide a finished look to rails, while protecting the collection of water and debris inside the rail

2) Choose the appropriate Clamps & Grounding:

Midclamps Midclamp Thumbnail Image
Select: Clear , Black

  • Universal Fastening Object UFO
  • Bonds the modules to the rails

Endclamps Endclamp Thumbnail Image
Shop: Stopper Sleeves & CAMO

  • Stoppers snap onto a UFO
  • Turns into a bonded endclamp
  • Sized to module frame width
  • NEW- CAMO Universal Endclamp fits all modules

Grounding Grounding Thumbnail Image
Shop: Lugs & Straps

  • Only one grounding lug per row
  • Microinverter bonding kit
  • Grounding strap, rows over 50ft

3) Lastly, don't forget your Attachments:

Flashing FlashFoot Thumbnail Image
Select: Mill, Black

  • FlashFoot2 -superior waterproofing
  • Conduit Mount for flashing conduit, strut, or junction boxes
  • Bonding hardware sold separately

Slotted L-Feet L Foot Thumbnail Image
Select: Mill, Black

  • Drop-in design for rapid and secure rail attachment
  • Bonding hardware sold separately

Tilt Mounts and Standoffs Standoff Thumbnail Image
Shop:  Tilt Leg Kits, Standoffs

  • Tilt Mounts for flat roofs
  • Standoffs for increased air flow

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