Enclosures, Electrical & Safety

Enclosures, Electrical & Safety

Choosing the proper enclosures and safety components is key to a system that can protect itsself and you! In this section you will find all the electrical pieces and parts necessary to complete a safe photovoltaic installation. To learn more about these components, start with the article TBD in the Learn section of our website. Two of the most important safety components are proper enclosures and overcurrent protection.

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Enclosures have many uses including a wiring combiner point for PV arrays, weather protection for overcurrent devices and load disconnection. Overcurrent devices and switch gear provide safe means to disconnect power. For more in-depth information on what safety components you will need for your particular installation, check these references:

There's a lot in here, so check this section carefully. If you can't find what you need, or have questions on how to make you your installation safe, call our staff for help. Even better, come visit us for one of our Classes. Designing a safe, code-compliant system is a very important part of the process!

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