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DC to DC Voltage Converters

DC to DC Voltage Converters

DC Converters change an input voltage up or down depending on your needs. DC converters are also used by our customers to efficiently down convert their higher system voltages (e.g. 24, 36V or 48V) to power their 12 volt appliances and lights.

BE VERY CAREFUL to check the voltage range of your load with the output voltage range of the converter.

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More Info on DC to DC Voltage Converters
Be aware to not use the DC-DC converters to charge a battery bank directly from a higher voltage photovoltaic array. Instead use MPPT Solar Charge Controllers which are capable of down-converting solar panel voltage for situations when a higher voltage array will be charging a lower voltage battery bank.

Note: Custom converters and controllers can be made for you to solve most unusual system configurations. Just call our toll free number above to speak to a technical sales rep for a quote.

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