Solar Panel Mounts

Solar Panel Mounts

So now you need to mount your Solar panels. Do you plan to mount the modules on the roof, the ground, or on a pole in the yard? Site analysis is, obviously, a very important aspect of sizing and building a solar power system. An additional consideration is the load the solar panels will be powering. Understanding what the panels will be powering allows you to select the best solar panel mounts for your specific application.

For example, a typical grid-tied solar powered system on a residential home will have significantly different solar panel mounting needs than panels powering a solar powered water pump in an agricultural setting. Whether you are mounting solar panels on a residential home, tiny house, remote cabin or for agricultural purposes, altE has your solar panel mounting needs covered.

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Solar Panel Mounting

Mounting your solar panel array is a crucial part of your solar system. The racking must meet local building code requirements, and be strong and durable enough to withstand the wind, snow, and whatever else mother nature throws at it for decades. Several options for mounting solar panels are available, they don’t always have to go on your roof. Ground mounting and pole mounting are available to move your solar array off the roof, or expand beyond.

Racking: Solar Power Components - Part 3

Roof mounting also exist for metal roofs with S-5! Clamps that can attach to the standing seam without any roof penetrations. For roof mounts that do screw in through the roof, flashing ensures decades of leak free power.

IronRidge Ground Mount Racking Solutions

Smaller solar arrays can be mounted on the side of a pole. This can be a great option for one or two solar panels, for example for a small cabin or water pumping system. A top of pole mount can hold from 1 to 15 solar panels on a single pole. The pole mounting gives you the advantage of being able to change the tilt of the solar array seasonally to maximize the output.

MT Solar pole mount solutions

When it comes to solar panel mounting options, you really have many from which to choose. Plenty of people opt for simple solar panel roof mounts, but if you live in a heavily wooded area or different kind of climate, rest assured you have other options. If you are ready to mount your solar panel, make sure you investigate all of the options available.

Set up the appropriate ground mounted solar panel system, roof system or pole mounted system and save money while you generate your own power. Enjoy the freedom of the road and powering your RV with solar panels rather than expensive fossil fuels.

IronRidge UFO Clamps - Solar Mounting and Racking

If you are mounting solar panels on your home, tiny house, cabin, or for a solar powered water pump for agricultural use, altE is here to help meet your solar panel mounting needs.

Give an altE solar expert a call today at 877-878-4060. We here to help!

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