Voltage Converters

Voltage converters can be an essential piece of a renewable energy production system. There are two broad categories of voltage converters. The first is an AC to DC voltage converter. This device converts alternating current to direct current. AC to DC voltage converters deliver an extremely regulated DC output voltage. The DC output is often used to power an assortment of DC loads like DC computers, mobile radios and 12 volt lighting systems.

The second broad category of voltage converter is a DC to DC voltage converter. These devices alter an input voltage either up or down contingent on the needs and design of a system. In renewable energy systems these devices are often used to convert 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt system voltages down to a 12 volt lighting system or appliances.

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AC to DC Voltage Converters

AC to DC voltage converters are useful in multiple applications when a highly regulated DC output voltage is needed and the original source of the power is alternating current. Typical applications where an AC to DC voltage converter is useful is for a land mobile radio system or a GPS receiver. Many times these systems require the highly regulated direct current voltage provided by a AC to DC voltage converter.

DC to DC Voltage Converters

Do you need to convert DC voltage up or down? Good news! A DC to DC voltage converter can do just that by increasing or decreasing DC voltage (please be sure to check the manufacturers specifications of the load you are trying to power).

DC to DC voltage converters are most common when taking a higher voltage, most commonly 24 volt or 48 volt, down to power 12 volt loads. Most common are 12 volt appliances like lights, fans and charging devices.

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