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Diversion Loads/Dump Loads

Diversion Loads/Dump Loads

Dump or diversion loads are used in conjunction with a diversion/dump load controller to "burn off" excess energy, typically produced by a turbine. Keeping the turbine on a load prevents the turbine from free-wheeling and being damaged from turning too fast.

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More Info on Diversion Loads/Dump Loads

Dump loads need to be properly matched to the maximum power output you can expect from your turbine. This often means carefully calculating how many diversion loads (resistors) you need in parallel or series to take in enough current.

Follow these steps to sizing the dump load to your turbine:

(if this is confusing, call one of our technical sales reps for help)

  1. Choose a dump load to start with (scroll down to see them all). Make note of it's resistance (Ohms) and power rating.
    • To roughly figure out how many dump loads you need, divide the peak power output of your turbine by the power rating of that resistor and round up (you don't want to short change the dump load or you can risk frying your battery bank).
      • To figure out the resistance you ultimately need with the combination of dump loads, use this formula:
        • Resistance Needed = (DC Voltage of your system)^2  / Peak Power of  Your Turbine
          • (note: the "^2" above means squared)
      • Now we need to figure out if we need to put the dump load resistors in parallel or series to get the Resistance Needed above.
        • When resistors (dump loads in this case) are put in series, you add the resistances.
          • Resistance Needed = (Number of Resistors or Dump Loads You Have) x (Resistance of Each Dump Load)
        • When you put the same resistors in parallel the overall resistance decreases, following this formula:
          • 1/(Resistance Needed) = (Number of Resistors or Dump Loads You Have) / (Resistance of Each Dump Load)

      At minimum, you must have enough dump loads to absorb the full power output from your turbine, as calculated in step 2. Using the equations above, figure out what configuration of dump loads (parallel or series) you need to most-closely come to the Resistance needed. In the equations above, you'll want to try to solve for the Number of Resistors, or Dump Load You Have.

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