Clear (Mill) IronRidge FlashFoot 2 Flashing Kit, 4 Pack
Black IronRidge FlashFoot 2 Flashing, EACH
Clear (Mill) IronRidge FlashFoot 2 Flashing, EACH

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Model: FM-FF2-001 (Mill FlashFoot 2 Kit, 4pk) FF2-01-B1 (Black FlashFoot 2, EACH) FF2-01-M1 (Mill FlashFoot 2, EACH)
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FlashFoot 2 Application Image with XR Rail and UFO:

And see how easy it is to install the NEW FlashFoot 2!

Also see how the New FlashFoot 2 compares with the previous version:

FlashFoot Flashing Kit

The IronRidge FlashFoot is an all-in-one solar mounting product for composition shingle roofs that eliminates the need for separate standoffs, flashings, and L-feet. FlashFoot incorporates a number of structural and waterproofing features to securely attach IronRidge XR Rails to roof structures, while also protecting against water intrusion and weather damage.


  • Available in Mill finish or Black finish (click on buttons above for image and add to cart)
  • 9" X 12" aluminum flashing for sufficient coverage
  • FlashFoot 2 comes with a Cap that snaps onto flashing for either E/W or N/S orientation of rails (just rotate 90 degrees)
  • FlashFoot 2 ships with: Flashing, Cap, Lagbolt/Washer.  (So the 4-Pack will have 4 of each of these, and the EACH will have 1 of each of these).
  • Attachment Bonding Hardware sold separately - see Add-Ons
  • Load distribution plate increases structural integrity
  • Superior waterproof protection
  • Ease of installation - for composition shingle roofs with a pitch of 9 to 45 degrees
  • All in one solution
  • Certified to building and residential codes
  • UL Certified
  • 20 Year Warranty

  • IronRidge

    Here are some tips from the altE staff

    • True solar south and magnetic south vary depending on where you are on the globe. Be sure to orient your solar panel mounts as close to solar south as possible. To find out how far off your magnetic south is from solar south check out <a href="http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomagmodels/struts/calcDeclination" target="_blank">NOAA's handy calculator</a>.

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    Loose cap foot connection


    I bought in to the hype and decided to give these a try. These seem great in theory. However if you install the flashing square and screw the cap foot on the cap foot was not tight at all. The cap foot rattles around. I didn't have time to return so I went back and turned the flashing out ...
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