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Solar Stack Adhesive Solar Panel Mounting System

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Solar Stack is a new adhesive-based solar panel mounting system that avoids all roof penetrations while meeting the strictest building codes in North America. If you have been looking for a safe but sturdy way to install solar panels without drilling through your roof, you just found it with Solar Stack.

Simply spray the polyurethane foam adhesive directly onto the roof membrane, press a Solar Stack mount down onto it, and repeat. No mechanical attachments or ballast systems and no roof penetrations required. If this sounds quick and simple, it is - 150 mounts can be installed in just 15 minutes. The adhesive foam cures in just 30 minutes and after that, panels can be attached to the mounts using standard module clamps. But what about humidity? Will that slow down the cure time? Not at all; this is just one of many reasons Solar Stack is an ideal solar panel roof-mounting system for hurricane-prone areas like Florida and Puerto Rico.

Is Adhesive Really Strong Enough to Mount Solar Panels?

Absolutely. Solar Stack's poly foam adhesive has been used in the roofing industry in south Florida (the strictest building code in North America due to hurricanes) for over 30 years. In the wake of the category 4 Hurricane Ian in 2022, there no known failures of this adhesion method found anywhere.

Benefits of the Solar Stack Adhesive PV Mounting System

  • No roof penetrations means no leak potential
  • Does not compromise roof warranty
  • Rail-less mounting reduces materials costs
  • Installs quickly - 150 Solar Stack Mounts in 15 minutes!
  • Rated for hurricane-strenght winds

For a Complete Solar Stack Adhesive Solar Panel Mounting System, You Will Need:

  • To visit Solar Stack's BOM Calculator and input your solar array information to get a list of materials
  • Roof Surface Cleaner (contains enough cleaner for 1000+ Solar Stack Mounts)
  • Foam Adhesive Primer (contains enough primer for 250+ Solar Stack Mounts)
  • Spray Foam Adhesive (contains enough adhesive for 125-175 solar panels' worth of Solar Stack Mounts)
    • Note that the foam has a blue tone unlike the pictures
  • Mounts
    • Flush Mounts are sold as singles
    • Tilt Mount Sets contain both the high side and low side mounts - Note that with Tilt Mounts, panels MUST be installed in landscape orientation
    • 8" or 12" lengths (12" provides 50% additional uplift resistance and is strongly recommended in coastal areas
  • Solar panels of your choice
  • Module clamps
    • Each Solar Stack Mount has two .25" channels and one .5" channel, so any clamp with a .25" T-bolt or .5" snapping clamps are compatible, such as IronRidge UFOs and Unirac

How to Install a Solar Stack Mounting System

Measure out and mark where all your Solar Stack Mounts will be placed (remember that solar panels MUST be mounted in landscape orientation when using Tilt Mounts). Then clean those spots with the Roof Surface Cleaner and allow to dry before applying the Foam Adhesive Primer. Primer must be applied to single ply roof membranes (TPO, EPDM, PVC, etc.) and is recommended for all other compatible roof types. Solar panels can be attached to Solar Stack Mounts in as little as 30 minutes if temperature is above 70°F.

For UV protection, all exposed foam must be coated with an outdoor-rated acrylic paint. For a nicer appearance at the ends of the solar arrays, cap the ends of the Flush Mounts with End Caps.

Grounding with Solar Stack - One grounding line per row of panels is required (see diagram).

Solar Stack Roof Compatibility

  • Sloped roofs (max pitch should not exceed 6/12 or 26.57°)
    • Tile (only recommended in Florida and Hawaii due to the way building codes here require roof underlayment attachment)
    • Metal - 22 gauge or heavier within HVHZ (high velocity hurricane zone)
  • Flat & low-slope roofs
    • Granulated Cap Sheet (roll roofing)
    • BUR (Built Up Roofing)
    • Modified Bitumen
    • TPO
    • EPDM
    • PVC
    • Hypalon
    • SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam)
    • Concrete
    • Metal - 22 gauge or heavier within HVHZ
  • Non-compatible roofs
    • Shingle
    • Shake
    • Architectural metal (metal shingle, tile, etc.)
    • Silicone coated roofs

Solar Stack Mounts span two solar panels.
Diagram of Solar Stack Mounts with solar panels

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