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Date Added: December 24, 2020
I installed in December of 2020 with two strings of 370 watt panels with 7 per string, produces 354 volts without load. Unit is working well, supplying load, selling back to grid and functioning as intended. I am using a Kilovault HAB 7500 watt hour battery. Instructions were lacking, but I figured it out.
Date Added: November 21, 2021
Consider taking your money and burning it rather than buying the headaches with the Skybox. I have one of the first and it has worked intermittently and the service after they cash your check is horrible. There should be a support group for folks that buy skybox as it is that frustrating. Have they made some improvement, yes, but there are so many glitches. It's a nightmare that does not end. Fair warning if you read this and then go out and buy one. You will be back in 1 to 2 years pulling your hair out.

Date Added: June 14, 2019
On January I ordered an Outback SkyBox 5048A Hybrid Inverter. I thought this would be the perfect inverter for my solar project. When I first started the system up I was rewarded with a PV fault low voltage. I was supplying it with two parallel strings of 6 panels each producing 288 vdc feed thru a combiner box. The specification say a 200-600 vdc range is acceptable. I emailed altE and they replied I should buy more panels. I then contacted Outback they told me they were aware of the problem and that a firmware upgrade would come out to fix the problem. After waiting 2 months I decided to reconfigure my panels into 1 string of 12 producing 576 vdc. I now got a new fault code which I no idea what it means since the fault codes are not listed anywhere. I contacted outback again they are now saying my panels are complatibe with their inverter. My panels are Itek SE 72. I am now 5 months into this project and have produced zero power.
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