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Which PV module electrical connection is the best (purely subjective) ?

I've purchased two different large PV modules- Mitsubishi 125w modules with MC2 connectors, and Kyocera 130w modules with j...
Travis M 3

Simple diversion controller

Hey,   I just finished getting my garage off the grid, and I'm pretty happy with what I have so far, using a ...
Travis M 4

replacing glass on broken module

I just bought a pair of Mitsubishi 125w modules.  Both stayed in my garage until I was ready to pull them from the box and inst...
Travis M 4

Why aren't reflectors used in PV arrays?

I've often wondered why photovoltaic panels are not used in conjunction with reflectors of some type to channel more light ...
Travis M 3

MC vs MC2

I just bought a pair of Mitsubishi panels here, and will probably be buying 6-10 more as I put more load on my new off-grid hybr...
Travis M 6

electric heating element question

I have a 120v ac immersion liquid heater with thermostatic control (purchased from  This is essentially the same...
Travis M 2

Help with 48v to 12v

Need some quick help with a situation. I have a 48v battery and a 12v inverter. As a temporary set up till I can get my 48v inve...
Troy Amason 4

DC Bulbs not working in some circuits?

Hello everyone!   I am running some compact florescent bulbs at a camp off the grid.   I was using an invert...
Truax McFarland 3

Air Breeze performance

Hello, I would like to know if 'Air Breeze 24 volt' is good in my location. Details as follows; Latitude 9.019...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 2

120 volts Vs 220 volts

Could someone educate me on country voltage of 120volts or 220volts? Countries like USA,JAPAN use 120 volts while UK,Nigeria use...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 1

Battery State of Charge

Most of the 12volts inverter cutout the battery at 10.5volts to prevent over discharging.   Based on the battery st...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 14

Battery Bank

I came across a faulty battery on 24 volts system with 200 amp-hr bank capacity. 2 strings of 100 amp-hr The battery ban...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 1

Charging 200 Amp-hr battery with solar panel

I need help on the size of solar panel to use on my system with following configuration; 12 volt system 200 Amp-hr ...
Usman Kazaure Abdullahi 1

solar hot water baseboard system

Hi,  we had a hot water baseboard heating system in Alaska (oil-heated) and are interested in designing a similar system us...
valerie maxwell 1

Confusion about solar connections.

I have some Sharp 167 nd-u3 panels. I could use 2 more in my string. Can,t find any as they have been discontinued. I found some...
Victor Snodgrass 1

Question about fronious inverter

I was thinking of a model IG 2000 inverter for 1 string of 12 sharp ND-167U3A solar panels I have. In the dc imput data for the ...
Victor Snodgrass 0

How can a 48 volt dc generator be used to charge 24 volt battery bank?

I have a 48 volt dc generator 5.5 kw. Also have 2 24 volt inverters. Have 2 mx 60 charge controlers for my solar panels. Is ther...
Victor Snodgrass 14

induction motor

Can I use any induction motor to buit a wind generator?
Victor 0

BZ Products MPPT500 step down voltage

I bought a BZ Products MPPT500 charge controller recently, and it is out in the yard undergoing tests with the PV arrays that I ...
Victor Cozart 14

Using a charge controller with a Xantrex Powerpack

I successfully hooked up a small 6W panel directly to a Xantrex Powerpack using a coaxial power plug. While in direct sunlight, ...
Vince Allen 3

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