120 volts Vs 220 volts

May 9, 2009 06:29 am
120 volts Vs 220 volts

Could someone educate me on country voltage of 120volts or 220volts? Countries like USA,JAPAN use 120 volts while UK,Nigeria use 220 volts, what is the advantage(s) one has over the other especially in renewable energy system?

Thanks you

May 10, 2009 11:48 am
Re: 120 volts Vs 220 volts

One can write volumes on this subject and someone has. There are college courses on the subject. Electrical Engineering. http://www.ferris.edu/bachelor-degree-electrical-engineering.htm
But speaking in a general sense, its all about efficiencies and related costs. The higher the voltage is, the lower the amperage will be for a given wattage. This means smaller gauge wires at higher voltages which means less expensive wire runs and less expensive disconnect means as well as fuses and breakers. Also less use of transformers and the KVAR costs that can be associated with them. I should add that high KVAR costs are typically associated with industry more so than commercial and more so than residential. (Just an interesting fact - http://www.isa.org/InTechTemplate.cfm?Section=Automation_Update&template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=62578 )

As for renewable energies...
Essentially the same reasons. Efficiencies and related costs.

If I were to compare it a child growing up, I might say that, "It all pretty much got up and started walking just a little more than 100 years ago." http://staff.fcps.net/rroyster/war.htm
But its "birth" goes even farther back than that.
Sometime during the mid 1700's, Luigi Galvani was dissecting a frog when the steel scalpel he was using touched a brass tack. This caused the dead frogs leg to "twitch."
Galvanic response. Other names would soon join into the study of electricity. Names such as; Alessandro Volta, André Marie Ampère, Georg Simon Ohm, Michael Faraday, James Watt, just to name a few. From those humble beginnings, only about 250 years ago, we now have today, http://fusedweb.llnl.gov/

Makes me wonder. Were will the human race be in another 250 years? Provided of course we don't obliterate ourselves in this madness for more and more energy.


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