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24 volt panels to charge 12 volt battries

Hi All I have some 24 volt panels that put out almost 26 volts. My first question is would this be to high to charge a 12 vo...
Steve M 11

Charging Batteries with generator problems - suggestions?

I have a fairly simple system, 4 120 Watt kyocera panels running in parellel through an Outback 4500 watt inverter to charge the...
Eric Cox 11

Two Battery Banks?

Been running into a brick wall with this persuit. My system is 12v. My hydro puts out 20 amps. I'd like to have two battery...
Russell Hanson 11

Looking for opinions on Enphase Inverters

One of the solar companies that we are considering has recommended Enphase Inverters on each of the panels. Does anyone hav...
Elaine Daley 12

AGM batteries - Life Expectancy

Ok, everytime I ask how long batteries should last, I get the "it depends" answer So here's a hypotheti...
Patrick Guenette 12

What is wrong with my system?

I have succeeded to up running a 1000watts non-glass type panel system at home and something happen on the second day.  Aft...
Gary C 12

DR series inverter stacking problem

Looking for anyone who's got some experience with Xantrex's DR series inverters.  I've got a ...
Tom T 12


Hey All..Ok please don't bash me as i have read and re-read millions of articles on this stuff and its making me nuts/dizzy...
Michael Oshman 12

What exactly to buy to run TV.

Hi everyone, I'm really new to the whole alt energy scene, but I'd like to run my 20" 75w TV off solar. ...
Dave Rigotti 12

Diversion Load Issues

I own a Bergey XL.1 turbine rated at 1kW.  Bergey specs from their website indicate that a diversion load connected to thei...
Thomas Anderson 12

power directly off of Panels?

when using a 12v dc appliance directly off the battery bank, during the day while the sun is out, are you pulling power directly...
James Johnson 12

Off Grid solar power solution.

Someone help. Frequent city power cuts. I would like to power my house by solar power using PV panels. My total load details are...
Joe Felix 13

Solar Charger for Golf Cart

Hello I am looking for basic advice on building an integrated solar cell charger for a golf cart.  I recently move...
Doug Robertson 13

hydro turbine 100 kw

i wish to run a turbine 100 kw off a approx 30m wide river with out bloking the whole river. also dont want to use batterys .the...
owen smith 13

Mini Wind gen question

I have a small Wind turbine that can take 2 to 6 blades. My question is for safety reasons if I switched to 2 blade would that u...
Max Schulte 13

Proper Charger/Controller for engine to alternator setup

Hello, I have a 6HP lister diesel engine which I would like to use to charge a battery bank.  My original plan was...
Phil Johnson 13

Required Solar Power Agricultural Water Pump

We are looking for a Solar Energy based solution for agricultural water pumping.   Our scenario and requirements a...
Omar Chaudhry 13

How to connect a generator with a battery(12v) or with a lamp?

I need some help with my schoolproject which is to build a windmill. The windmill is all clear and the last thing is to con...
Robin Andersson 13

Need to know details on hooking up 17V panels

Salutations! I just recently purchased a bunch of old solar panels and am kinda confused on the system configuration. ...
Mike Nork 13

splitting power

i would like to know if you can run an inverter to two legs of your elect.panel to form 220.also my aims converter has 4 1500w o...
robert critchley 14

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