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Wind Power and Electric Questions

I know the faster a wind turbine spins, the more electricity it can create, but is there a certain speed that a wind turbine sho...
Jason Sheridan 0

Wind System

Hello, I'm building on a hilltop with nearly constant class 3 wind. I would like to install the whisper 500 on a 6...
Richard Northrop 15

Wind Turbine amp draw?

I hooked up my amp gauge the other night when it was still and the meter was reading 00.1. It is a 2 amp digital meter so I took...
Max Schulte 1

Wind turbine and Batteries

Hello Again. the wind turbine I am considering can be purchased either as a 24v or 48v, what do you think is a better w...
Alfred McCall 1

wind turbine charge controller

Hi, Im setting up my first wind turbine, and I am looking into what kind of charge controller would be best. It was suggested th...
Andrew Rainboldt 1

Wind Turbine Disconnects

I have a H100 Wind Turbine that will be on a 50' tower that will be 300 feet away from my home. Questions: ...
Eric F 0

Wind Turbine going Overvoltage

Issue:  I have a H-100 Whisper Wind turbine and it is set up for 48 volt operation.  I have the optional remote digita...
Eric F 8

Wind Turbine wire size

I just got a 150W wind turbine and I think I need to use 10 ga stranded wire. I am going 50 ft total.I have a 12v system but tha...
Max Schulte 14

WInd Turbines

I am starting to see all these wind turbines popping up all over the place now BUT they are unregulated. I seen a 12v 200W turbi...
Max Schulte 1

Wind turbines and air blowers

Hola,I would like to connect an air blower (858 W; VAC: 115/230; Hz: 50/60; Amps 12.0/6.0) to a wind turbine that can supply eno...
Salvador Rego 2

Wind Turbines on RVs

Hello again everyone - Another issue I'm curious about is installations on RVs. Since roof mount installations ca...
Bramley Munz 1

Wind Turbines..

Hello,I have a couple questions about wind turbines. I'm considering the Whisper 500.Are there towers for wind turbines that don...
Richard Northrop 2

Wind, Solar Hybrid merging power problem

I'm building a small wind and solar hybrid system. My problem is safely merging the two power sources through some kind of ...
Will Williams 6

Wind, Solar, Propane Generator Combo

Hello All I am new at renewable energy and have many questions.  My Wife and I are in the process of building a home.�...
Alfred McCall 2

Windmill Causeway

I live in Texas an want to make them build what I am calling a Windmill Causeway.��  You may recall on South Padre Island...
Sco B 0

windmill power

I have just converted a 100 year old windmill with an alternator to produce electricity. I am not sure what charger, inverter, b...
ken johnson 0

Windmill with rotating sails

Windmill with rotating sails is a new type of windmill. It has a vertical axle around which three sails spin around.
AmyJoseph AmyJoseph 1

Windmill with rotating sails

Windmill with rotating sails is a new type of windmill. It has a vertical axle around which three sails spin around. http://www....
Tihomir Culjak 0


Hi everyone, I live in bonnie scotland (more wind than sun) and i'd like to build a wind turbine. Hugh piggott's site is great i...
simon Hill 2

windpower generators

   I am looking for the best price on a new complete package windmill that will produce app.400,000 kw a year in an ar...
Dave Graybeal 0

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