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The SHURflo 9325 Solar Submersible Pump operates most efficiently when wired directly to solar panels. The pump runs on either 12VDC or 24VDC systems. Simple and reliable, they have low amp draw, and are able to draw water from a deep well. The SHURflo 9325 is a positive displacement 3-chamber diaphragm pump that fits in a standard 4" well housing. The output of the pump is 1/2" Hose Barb for easy connectivity. It hooks up in minutes, is durable and reliable, and can be serviced by the user on site.

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  Shurflo Pump Controller 902-200 9300 Series 12/24V     Shurflo Pump Controller 902-200 9300 Series 12/24V   Shurflo 902-200 SHUPC902-200 Shurflo Pump Controller 902-200 9300 Series 12/24V $303.00
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Another great attribute of the SHURflo 9325 pump is the ability to pump water from a depth of 230 feet. It can pump up to 111 gallons per hour with a maximum current draw of 4.6 amps on a 24V system. The pump is protected by a built-in 50-mesh screen which keeps debris from clogging up the pump.The motor and components are sealed in a simple and reliable manner to keep water from getting inside the pump.

The 9325 model is most efficient when used with a pump controller such as the 902-100 or the 902-200. Both controllers are Linear Current Boosters (LCB), and will increase the current output from the solar panel. The pumps starts earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon, increasing the amount of time the pump is able to pump water. You increase your water output by up to 30%!

SHURflo Submersible Pump Controllers:

  • The 902-100 will only work with a 24V solar panel array.
  • The 902-200 will work with either a 12V or 24V solar panel array. This controller also has high and low water sensors to turn the pump off when the well water level gets too low, preventing the pump from running dry, although it can run dry without damage. Additionally, the watertight enclosure on the 902-200 allows it to operate in more extreme environments.
  • Both pump controllers connect to an external float switch, automatically turning the pump on or off based on water level.
  • You can see more information on the SHURflo pump controllers here:

    A submersible solar pumping system pumps water during the day while the sun shines, and stores the water in a tank or cistern. It is much easier to store water than to store energy, so pumping only when solar power is available is generally preferred to running the pump off a battery bank.

    The SHURflo 9325 pump's ability to be serviced in the field allows the user to stock spare components, such as the motor, housing, and valves. This minimizes down time without water, which can be crucial in remote locations. The SHURflo 9325 solar submersible pump gives the owner years of reliable water in remote locations.

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