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Midnite Solar, Inc.

MidNite Solar, located in Arlington, WA USA, manufactures a wide range of components used in solar and renewable energy systems. MidNite manufactures everything from MPPT charge controllers to combiner boxes (MidNite is the largest producer of combiner boxes in North America) to balance of system components (breakers, busbars, switches, etc.).

The line of MPPT charge controllers made by MidNite Solar are some of the most versatile and sophisticated full featured charge controllers on the market today—and they are compatible with wind, solar and hydro energy power systems.

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Learn more about Midnite Solar

MidNite Solar is a longstanding manufacturer of components for solar, wind and micro-hydro electric systems. MidNite solar was founded as a manufacturer of AC and DC disconnect boxes for renewable energy systems and over time expanded their product offering to include everything din rail breakers to disconnect boxes to solar charge controllers.

The Kid: Midnite Solar's MPPT Solar Charge Controller

MidNite Solar’s The Kid is a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller with 30 amps of output. The kid is available in both a marine and land version (it’s also available in both black and white if you have a color scheme preference). This is a versatile charge controller and work with battery banks that are 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volts—so it’s a great choice for a medium size solar system.

Marine Version Includes

  • Adjustable boat mount
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • Additional conduit
  • Additional fittings
  • UL458 with marine supplement compliant
  • Types of Batteries Supported by MidNite Kid

  • AGM
  • Gel
  • Flooded Lead Acid
  • Lithium
  • Calcium
  • Custom
  • Continuing on the theme of versatility, if 30 amps isn’t enough for the system you are designing The Kid is able to be stacked in parallel to create a 60 amp charge controller. Check out our video above on The Kid from MidNite Solar to learn all about the features and functionality of this MPPT charge controller.

    Midnite Solar’s Talking Charge Controller

    Talking charge controllers? Yep! Check out our preview of the Midnite Solar Classic talking charge controller at the Solar Power International conference in 2017. Pretty cool, if you ask us.

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