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Sascha Deri

KiloVault Lithium Solar Battery

Written September 03, 2020

upgrade to CHLX worked well!

I had purchased the HLX 3600 to use in an unheated power shed (in Maine) to power some test equipment fully aware that they aren't supposed to be used in lower than freezing conditions. The good news is I was able to actually discharge them well below O degrees F but around January I realized they weren't charging. Oops - I knew better. So I changed out the HLXs for the cold-rated CHLXs and sure enough, they work like a charm. I didn't have any issues again with charging in sub-zero conditions. Oh and they work well in the summer too - even though the shed's not cooled at all either. ;)

In full disclosure, I'm the CEO of altE and bluShift Aerospace. We are using the HLXs and CHLX's to power our rocket engine test stand, powering everything from data collection equipment, heating systems for specialty gases, cameras, etc. at the test stand. My guess is that bluShift is one of the only rocket companies to use strictly solar power at its engine test site facilities for power.

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