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Date Added: August 09, 2019
Upgraded my solar electrical system this year after 5 years on my smaller system. My intent was to never run my generator again. I have been running my new system with the KiloVault 3600 HLX for 2 weeks and it works fantastic. I've watched it put out 168 amps with no issue and only a couple tenths drop in voltage while doing it and then immediately returns to the normal 13. 3 volts.
I have seen it charge very quickly at 68 amps from my solar array. The only issue I have had is that the BMS will put this battery in standby when my PV input matches the load on the battery... the entire system "pauses" causing the inverter to shut off, the charge controller goes to resting or to alarm and the 12 volt system goes dead for a couple seconds... Be advised the battery can go into standby.... I contacted altE figuring my Classic controller might have a "work around" setting, all I got was a non answer... guess I'll be contacting MidNite Solar directly...
Response from altE
Date Added: August 09, 2019
Thanks for being an altE customer! We're so happy that your initial experience with the KiloVault battery was so positive.
The standby / pause issue has been resolved with the July 2019 BMS update (V3 for the 1800HLX, V2 for the 3600HLX).
All new KiloVault HLX series batteries have the updated BMS.
It sounds like the batteries you purchased have the outdated BMS.
If you are still having issues with your KiloVault battery bank, please contact KiloVault Support by phone - (877) 878-4060 - or web form - https://www.altestore.com/helpdesk/tickets/submit/ - so that we can resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Date Added: December 19, 2019
I was not allowed to update my previous review until I created a new account.
AltE did replace the original battery with the defective BMS. The replacement battery, a 3600 HLX V3, is a big disappointment. It will discharge as advertised, however, it does not charge as advertised and causes significant issues. The updated BMS in this battery does not work anywhere near properly. The replacement battery experiences issues when the charge controller exceeds charging it above 55 amps. After 3 months of use and monitoring the battery with my own equipment during this time I am reasonably sure I have determined the defect with this battery. Incidentally I have produced over 200kWh in this time frame and the battery only registers 3 cycles???? My estimation is that should be around 35 cycles higher!!!
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