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Power Relay, 12 VDC Input, up to 40A, 100V Load for Diversion Controllers

Power Relay, 12 VDC Input, up to 40A, 100V Load for Diversion Controllers
Power Relay, 12 VDC Input, up to 40A, 100V Load for Diversion Controllers
Item code Brand name Model number Amps
GENREL12V100V40 AltE RELAY12V100V40A 40A

Hgh Power Relay

DC High Power Relay

This high power relay can be used for load diversion control when connected to the low power 12V DC relays of inverters and charge controllers (e.g. Outback FX inverters, FlexMax Charge Controllers and others). What makes this unique is that it uses a 12V DC input (supports up to 32V max) and the contacts will support a battery bank up to 100V DC max at 40A DC. This is a less expensive load diversion option than buying a load diversion controller if you already have an inverter or charge controller with a built-in control relay.

With a 48V system, this relay can be used with diversion loads of up to 1800W reliably. With a 24V system, you can use loads up to 900W, and a 12V system can be used with loads up to 450W.

This relay is NOT recommended for loads which have high inductance (coil), as it will produce harmful transient voltages. If you choose to do so, you must use a fast recovery type of diode in parallel with the load with a PIV rated greater than the supply (battery bank's) voltage.

Please Note: The DC High Power Relay must be mounted either on a heatsink, inside a metal box or on a metal backplane to dissipate heat.

This relay can also be used in conjunction with an Outback FlexMax 60 or FlexMax 80 charge controller as well as an Apollo T80 charge controller to turn on a .

Please see the manual in the Product Documentation section for more information.

Operating Voltage Range [Vdc] 0-100
Load Current Range 3 [Adc] 0-40
Max. Surge Current, [Adc] (10Msec) 106
Max. On-State Voltage Drop @ Rated Current [Vdc] 2.1
Thermal Resistance Junction to Case RqJC[°C/W] 0.83
Max On-state Resistance @ Rated Current (R(DS-ON)) [Ohms] .05
Max. Off-State Leakage Current @ Rated Voltage [mA] 0.3
Max. Turn-On Time [μsec] 100
Max. Turn-Off Time [msec] 1.0
Control Voltage Range 3.5-32 Vdc
Maximum Turn-On Voltage 3.5 Vdc
Minimum Turn-Off Voltage 1.0 Vdc
Nominal Input Impedance Input circuitry Incorporates active current limiter
Maximum Input Current 1.6 mA (5 Vdc), 28 mA (32 Vdc) (Input circuitry incorporates active current limiter

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