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Crown Battery
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Crown Battery flooded lead acid batteries are Made in the USA - since 1926!  With distribution centers across the country - in CT, OH, and CA - they have us covered.  Crown stands behind their motto, "The Power Behind Performance".  They build the best available batteries for the customer, who is their first priority.  Quality system excellence in manufacturing, engineering, and customer service, allows them to deliver an exceptional value across all classes of product. 

FEATURES - What makes Crown Battery stand out among the competition?:

  • Thicker, fuller frame and grid design ensures structural integrity throughout product life, and greater cycle life
  • Inset "Centerline" plate lug feature ensures best available electrical efficiency during charge and discharge
  • Signature "Diamond" grid wire design optimizes grid surface area within the plate core, for improved active material adhesion, as well as minimal exposure to electrolyte, which reduces premature grid corrosion
  • Higher antimony content for high performance cycling, and increased current flow
  • Higher density lead oxide on the plates , through industrial oven-curing process, gives greater durability to the plates which leads to longer discharge times and longevity of the battery
  • One piece solid cast-on strap with integrated terminal post and through-partition structures provide less vibration, which leads to better plate longevity, and overall cycling performance
  • 2 Year Full Replacement Warranty

  • Battery Specifications:

    BCI Group Size Model Capacity Amp-Hours (20-Hr Rate) Voltage 50% DOD Cycles Length Width Height Weight Terminal
    GC2 CR-235 235 AH 6V 1200 10.25" 7.06" 11.63" 63 lbs Standard
    GC2H CR-260 260 AH 6V 1200 10.25" 7.06" 11.63" 75 lbs Standard
    902 CR-330 330 AH 6V 1200 12.19" 7.19" 14.13" 93 lbs Standard
    903 CR-390 390 AH 6V 1200 12.38" 7.19" 16.13" 115 lbs Standard
    903 CR-430 430 AH 6V 1200 12.38" 7.19" 16.13" 122 lbs Standard
    921 CR-215 215 AH 12V 1200 15.50" 7.00" 14.63" 120 lbs Standard
    GC2 6CRP290 225 Ah 6V 1200 10.25" 7.06" 10.94" 63 lbs Standard
    903 2CRP1200 1200 Ah 2V 2000 12.38" 7.19" 16.13" 122 lbs Standard

    NOTE: See DOCUMENTS tab above for full line of Crown FLA Batteries.


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    Maintenance Tips from Crown Battery - for improved longevity and cycle life:

  • The two most important tools for taking readings from your battery bank are a Hydrometer, and a Voltmeter
  • Manufacturer recommends not to have more than 2 strings per battery bank, to ensure maximum amperage in each string in a 4 hour time frame.  This way, the batteries can get to the next stage in the charging process and then start cooling down. All of this is to get the batteries back to 110% charged.
  • Depth of Discharge on the battery bank should be no more than 50%, with 30% being ideal
  • Ideally, the battery bank in an off grid system should be at full charge by late morning/early afternoon - Voltmeter readings of 2.12V per cell AND specific gravity readings of 1.265 or higher, indicate a fully charged battery
  • The 'perfect' battery cycle for top performance is: Full charge at late morning/early afternoon - then Float/rest throughout afternoon/early evening - then Discharge throughout the night - and Recharge again in the morning/early afternoon
  • Suggested charging current is 8-12A of deliverable current, for every 100 Ah of battery ban capacity
  • Charging must restore 100% of battery charge to ensure required performance and life, and to fully charge, approximately 110% of what was removed, must be replaced.  Example:
    • 400Ah battery bank discharged to 50% DOD.  200 Ah removed, so 222 Ah must be replaced (110%)
    • 50A rated charge controller, with 60% correction = 30A of deliverable current
    • This equates to 7.4 hours to fully charge the battery bank back (222 Ah/30A)
  • Flooded batteries should be checked weekly for proper water levels - AFTER they get fully charged.  (Only add water before charging if the electrolyte level is below the top of the plates)
  • Battery Cables should be sized to handle the expected load.  Table values below are for cable lengths less than 6 feet.
  • Crown Cable Size Chart

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