Hydrometer for Deep Cycle Batteries

Hydrometer for Deep Cycle Batteries
Hydrometer for Deep Cycle Batteries

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GENHYDROMETER AltE Commercial Hydrometer

Professional Hydrometer (plastic)
for Deep Cycle Batteries

Commercial HydrometerProfessional hydrometer designed for measuring the specific gravity of deep cycle batteries. A hydrometer is one of the most accurate ways to determine the charge state of a battery cell, and is commonly used to troubleshoot batteries and determine if a battery or a cell within the battery is not charging fully.

How to Use:

  • First, wear eye protection.
  • Remove the caps on the batteries, insert the hydrometer into the battery acid and draw in the acid tot he point where the float in the hydrometer is no longer touching the sides, top or bottom.
  • Take the reading of the float at eye level, looking to see where the surface of the acid lines up with the specific gravity gradations on the float. Use the table below to determine the state of charge correlation to the specific gravity reading.
  • Repeat for each cell in the battery.

State of Charge Specific Gravity*
100% charged 1.265
75% charged 1.239
50% charged 1.200
25% charged 1.170
Fully Discharged 1.110

*Please Note: This table is for a battery at 80°F.
Add or subtract 0.004 to the hydrometer's reading for every 10°F above or below 80°F, respectively.

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