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Paul Meyer

Bogart Engineering TM-2030RV TriMetric Battery Monitor

Written August 15, 2014

1 annoyance, otherwise very good

Works as advertised and Ive had zero problems in two months of use. This model has a beige face and black or dark gray lettering, its easy to read. The case is surface mount with mounting tabs on the top and bottom. There are no pre-drilled holes for the wiring. The unit is screwed to the case at each corner - the case can be discarded and the unit can be mounted in a panel.

I took off one star because percent discharged is given display priority over the actual amp-hour counter. You choose whats displayed by hitting select to scroll through Volts, Amps, Percent-discharged and a blank display. To see actual amp-hours consumed you press and hold select till AH appears. The display then alternates showing the letters AH and the amp-hour value.

This is a small thing, just an annoyance really since both values are available but the percent display seems gimmicky - I would prefer it be on the sub menu and actual amp-hours on the top.

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