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    Peter, Jersey City, NJ says:

    I had a terrific experience with AltE and when I need to buy anything for my solar system will absolutely come to AltE first. The information / educational videos were also extremely helpful for me as a "newbie" to solar systems. One thing you might consider is making it possible to add something to an order online. I needed to add an item that I forgot in my initial order but it seemed the only way to do this was call, even though it was only a few minutes later that I realized I had left the item off my order. I did call, and received the best customer service assistance ever - kudos to Bonnie and Sonya. The additional item was added to my initial order so I was able to pay just one shipping fee.


  • The One-Week DIY Install

    With altE's technical knowledge to lean on, these DIY enthusiasts were able to install their grid-tied solar panel system in under a week!

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