Sunny Tripower CORE1 50-US 50kW 480VAC Commercial Inverter
Sunny Tripower CORE1 62-US 62kW 480VAC Commercial Inverter

Sunny Tripower CORE1 50-US 50kW 480VAC Commercial Inverter
Sunny Tripower CORE1 50-US 50kW 480VAC Commercial Inverter
Sunny Tripower CORE1 62-US 62kW 480VAC Commercial Inverter
Sunny Tripower CORE1 62-US 62kW 480VAC Commercial Inverter

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Model: 03-50-1000-2-41 (50000) 03-62-1000-2-41 (62000)
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SMASTP50000TLUS SMA 03-50-1000-2-41 480V 50000W
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SMASTP62000TLUS SMA 03-62-1000-2-41 480V 62000W

SMA Commercial Solutions

Advanced technology and service for the PV plant of the future


Holistic systems that address energy supply, demand and management

Next-generation commercial PV systems are much more than a way to offset energy costs. They are true energy solutions, revolutionizing the way businesses participate in energy markets. From generation to load usage, commercial solutions from SMA allow plant owners an unmatched level of monitoring and control including the ability to participate in the energy trading market of the future, opening untapped revenue streams.

PV inverter
A critical epicenter is essential for any energy solution. The PV inverter sits at the heart, managing communication and control across all components, safeguarding system health and productivity. Storage inverters add another layer of resilience, enabling demand-driven energy shifting and futureproofing your commercial system.

Plant communication and control

Commercial energy systems demand complete transparency and granular control over energy and grid operations.

System safety
Staying ahead of the curve in safety pays off. With stricter regulations emerging from industry collaboration and AHJ enforcement, meticulous compliance safeguards predictable revenue and protects your investment timeline.



Profitable plants demand proactive service. Providers must stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology to keep systems humming.

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What is the SMA Tripower Core1?

The SMA Tripower Core1 is a comprehensive commercial energy solution that combines the latest inverter technology with intelligent energy management software. It is designed to optimize energy production and consumption, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses. The solution is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, including office buildings, shopping centers, and industrial facilities.

Superior commercial energy generation and management
The Sunny Tripower series: Optimized for commercial PV applications

The Sunny Tripower is a field proven commercial inverter with more

than 15 GW installed worldwide. It comes standard with a host of

value-added features designed to take commercial projects to the

next level including:

SHADEFIX OPTIMIZATION which provides superior power production and a

reduced component count versus alternatives, increasing reliability and reducing

service obligations.

INTELLIGENT IV CURVE DIAGNOSTIC allowing integrators and service

professionals to test the health of the inverter’s strings during critical stages in the

plant lifecycle and easily produce reports for relevant stakeholders

ADVANCED STRING MONITORING giving insight into granular power production

data to ensure optimal system performance



Powered by the award-winning ennexOS, SMA Smart Connected is a proactive O&M solution that can cut truck rolls in half and save up to $6 million in service costs across the lifetime of a 100 MW portfolio.

Time and labor savings

SMA will actively monitor the system at all times and automatically initiate the repair or replacement process, so the installer can focus on other tasks.

Increase productivity and profit

Truck rolls can be cut in half, allowing more time for revenue-generating activity including business development and new installations.

Maximum power production

SMA Smart Connected can notify an installer of any service needs often before the system owner even notices an interruption in energy production.

Investment security

SMA is the largest, most experienced PV service provider with 40+ years of experience and 100+ GW in operation worldwide.

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Energy Optimization

One of the key features of the SMA Tripower Core1 is its ability to optimize energy production and consumption. The solution uses advanced algorithms to monitor energy usage and production in real-time, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about their energy consumption. This not only helps to reduce energy costs but also ensures that businesses are using energy in the most efficient way possible.

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Benefits of the SMA Tripower Core1

The SMA Tripower Core1 offers a range of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Cost Savings: By optimizing energy production and consumption, the solution can help businesses save on their energy costs.

  • Sustainability: The solution allows businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by using clean, renewable energy sources.

  • Reliability: The SMA Tripower Core1 is a reliable and robust solution that is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and operate efficiently for years to come.

  • Scalability: The solution is scalable, meaning that it can be easily expanded to meet the changing energy needs of a business.

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