altE's customers come from around the world and around the corner. They are a resourceful and innovative group who have found ways to use alternative energy technology for both traditional residential and business applications as well as for all kinds of homegrown contraptions! Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to hear really interesting customer stories about why they decided to go with renewable energy, what they went through to install their systems, how it works for them today and how using renewable energy has become a part of their lives.

We thought, “Why keep this treasure trove of enlightenment to ourselves?” We are delighted to now share with you a series of interviews with some of our customers and the intriguing stories they have to tell about bringing renewable energy into their lives. We hope they inspire and entertain - enjoy! You could be next!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Fortunat Mueller, co-owner of ReVision Energy, tells us about the solar water pumping system they recently installed in a beautiful community garden.

Moving Forward with the Help of AltE U

Pete Corbett tells us about the PV303 course he took and how it helped his company.

Believing in What You Sell

altE's Ben Farmer gives us a glimpse into his life in Colorado and tells us about his two Renewable Energy systems.

The Solar Challenge

Philip Shelton likes a challenge and designing a solar hot water system for his home may be his biggest hurdle yet. Phil gives us a glimpse into the life of this busy but determined Maine family.

Living What They Sell

James Hasselbeck, Solar Product Manager at Waterline Alternative Energies, shares with us the exciting details on some of their latest projects.
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