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Steven Sonntag

Xantrex C35 Charge Controller 35A, 12 or 24V Solar Charge Controller

Written March 06, 2009


Bought this as a load controller for my solar powered camper. I have tons more power than I need (375 watts) and wanted to siphon off power when my camper is sitting in the driveway. Wired in a C-35 with ease to control a couple of 12v cigarette lighter sized outlets, one inside and one outside, and also a large 4-connector plug like you'd use on your dryer. Fused the circuits coming out of the C-35 with a baby-box and 30A breakers.

Now my garden-shed/bedroom/office can plug into the camper to run vent-fan, DC lights, computer, stereo when I'm not on the road. I can also plug other items into the camper for the other people in my party staying in tents like DC fans, lights, misc cell phone or ipod chargers and I don't have to worry about how much they're draining my battery. It just shuts off when it drops to the low-voltage-disconnect point I choose.

I ran a dc heater after installing it and it cut off the power at the LVD point just as advertised, and in the am when the sun came up it turned the power back on at the low-voltage-reconnect voltage. Perfect.

The unit is very sturdy and I like that the wiring lugs at the bottom of the PC board are very strong and can handle a lot of monkeying around with thick/stiff wire. The jumpers you set to select the mode are really tiny and require small pliers and a delicate hand, but programming it only took a few minutes.

I highly recommend downloading the user-manual and reading it before purchase. I was new to the whole load-controller idea, but was able to make it work without help just by reading the manual. Good product.

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