Primus Windpower 2-ARAC-101 Stop Switch Kit for Wind Turbines

Primus Windpower 2-ARAC-101 Stop Switch Kit for Wind Turbines
Primus Windpower 2-ARAC-101 Stop Switch Kit for Wind Turbines
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SOUAIR-STOPSWCH Primus Windpower 2-ARAC-101

3-Way Stop Switch

Primus Windpower
3-Position Stop Switch
50A Heavy Duty

The Primus Windpower 3-Position Stop Switch is recommended as an easy method for shutting down Air Breeze, Air X/Silent X, Air 30/40 Turbines (in all voltages). This super heavy duty switch is "triple sealed" with a flexible acrylic coating, T5 clear vapor seal and a toggle boot cover.

The DC rated 50 amp switch allows you to "stop" the turbine. The switch first disconnects the battery and then shorts the turbine output wires together causing the turbine to stop spinning (in high winds the blades may spin slowly). Shorting the turbine does not cause any damage or additional wear on the unit.

  • 1.1" Chrome Lever
  • Zinc Die Cast Metal Body
  • #8 Screw Terminals
  • .5" Diameter Mounting Hole

Operation: ON---OFF---ON

Here are some tips from the altE staff

  • Is this a two-position or three-position switch?
    • This is a two-position switch, and this is why we recommend it: The air-x manual mentions a 3 position switch. In this format the middle position has the turbine disconnected from everything, allowing free-wheeling that can damage the turbine if left in that position. The two position switch eliminates the possibility for free-wheeling the turbine. From our conversations with the manufacturer, both switch types (if wired properly) can be used in appropriate installations. To prevent the possibility of a customer putting the a switch in a position where the turbine will free wheel and burn out, we only sell and recommend the 2 position switch.
  • How do I know which position is On, or Off for this 2 way switch to function as a Stop Switch for the Air (Model 303, 403, X or Breeze) Turbine?
    • Take the switch in your hand and look directly at the front, where the toggle switch is located. If you turn it so that you can read the lettering on the front of the switch, moving the toggle position to the left (or actually straight out) is the ON or CHARGING position. To confirm this orientation of the switch as you are holding it this way, there is also a notch on the threads of the hub on the left side. You could mount the switch sideways or 90 degrees clockwise (classic on/off switch orientation) if you like. This would have the notch in the threaded hub at the 12 o'clock position.
  • How do I wire the Stop Switch correctly?
    • There are three wire connections on the rear of the toggle switch. If you have turned the orientation of the switch to reveal the notch in the threaded hub at 12 o'clock position, now look at the rear of the switch. One side has two places for wire connection screws, the other side has just one connection screw. The single screw connection is where you will connect the Positive (Red) wire from the turbine. Keeping the notch mentioned above at the 12 o'clock orientation, look on the side where there are two connection screws. The bottom screw is where you will connect to the wire headed to the ammeter, circuit breaker, disconnect and ultimately the positive battery bus. The top screw will be connected to the wire from the Negative (Black) wire to the battery bus. You can confirm correct wiring by use of a simple voltmeter with an Ohm or Resistance setting to check for continuity of the two switch positions. With the switch in the OFF position (either to the right, with lettering orientation or to the opposite position of the notch in the hub threads), the positive (Red) wire from the turbine will be connected (have continuity) with the (Black) wire from the negative battery bus. The opposite switch position will have continuity between the positive wire from the turbine and the positive battery bus. * Even if you are confident of your wiring, DO NOT CONNECT the battery bank to the rest of the system until you have confirmed the correct wiring and function of this switch. Incorrect wiring at this point could potentially short circuit the positive and negative bus of the battery, resulting in damage or injury!

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primus stop switch

As previously noted, poorly labeled for use. Mine broke during disconnect after first month. Tabs simply too puny and weak for the reccomended wire gauge. Will design my own for this year.

2 position switch

The switch works fine, although you have to check the positions with an ohm-meter. As another summary stated, it is a little on the small side as I was required to use #6 AWG wire and reduce down to # 8AWG to fit the terminals. It seems that the reduction causes a in line loss stepping down from ...
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Not bad, would like some documentation

The switch is nice for summer nights when you you have your windows open and can hear the turbine start up in gentle winds. Flip the switch and the turbine will spin silently.
You could cut the power with a breaker but then the turbine will spin for a seconds or two and break, causing a thu...
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I really didn't like the switch

Let me start by saying that I am not very knowledgeable about electronics, but I did set up my turbine completely alone, so that may count in my favor.

I used the wire gauge that is recommended by the Air-X, and the switch is not made for heavy gauge wire. It took a lot of effort to g...
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Good & practical!

This two position switch to stop AIR-X
is indispensable. Rugged design. Easy to install.
High 50A rating!

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